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Thread: Janice Dickinson

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    Deep Dish
    Quote Originally Posted by melpepinla
    I know, brutal, but funny!
    And accurate. Notwithstanding the way she said some stuff, I agreed with her more than any other judge.

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    I liked Janice Dickinson's contribution to the show, but I don't really like HER. But I guess her unfortunate childhood created the monster she is today.

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    Janice wrote a kick-ass book. I would love to see some of her photos, anyone know where I could find some?

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    I guess I should look around for Janice's website. She takes photos herself....YAWN::::.....

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    Yeah she brings the Drama and realness out of people. People in the High Fashion will make more Rude comments than she did. they will make fun of your shape, Shape of Breats,size of Breats,Size of hips. ETC ETC.
    So i think they should keep her in.

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    she's also

    a doors fan so I like her just because of that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    ...Shannon was ACTING like a model, while Adrienne was just herself...
    That comment by Beau was a load of BS, if you ask me. Vague and irrelevent.
    I thought Beau was right, dead on, in this comment. Ultimately, I don't think the difference mattered for a one time thing, but in the long run Shannon would need/would develop her own style.

    I don't think Janice rules, but I do think she'll be back on the show. They need someone who is willing to speak his/her mind. I do think she was excessively rude sometimes. Beau was a little too quiet sometimes.

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    I hate Janice

    This woman is a terrible person. She is a snob, a racist and she's simple minded. It's no coincidence that she hated Kesse, Robin and Ebony. Not to mention she totally disliked Adrianne for the way she spoke. I hated the fact that she harped on Robin's age and weight. Maybe that can be construed as honesty, but I just found it to be rude and self-serving. Self-serving because having to admit that people so opposite from herself might be gorgeous or America's top Model, is like admitting that she isn't that special and her look is dated(which it totally is). I can't remember everything she said that pissed me off. But the way she speaks about the people she's judging is so spiteful and full of hate. This is the type of woman who loves the fact that the world's idea of beauty circles around young/skinny/white women. There is nothing wrong with being one, but it is wrong to expect that everybody else should be one too.....sorry if this is a little long....I just found this site....and we just got this show in Canada.

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    Has Janice had some work?

    It looks to me like Janice has had an Extreme Makeover since the last show. Anyone else think so?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martini
    It looks to me like Janice has had an Extreme Makeover since the last show. Anyone else think so?
    She has had botox, and that you have to have like every few months...and she had a boob job, but that was before the show...maybe she just had a fresh botox before the show

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