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Thread: Janice Dickinson

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    i just saw the regis/kelly tape this morning and was
    quite taken by janice's appearance. she looked love-
    ly. her legs were "flowing." she seemed to have lost
    some weight. she's "bangin'", gaunt.

    the funniest moment to me was kelly doing the "run-
    way walk." her knees were practically going "waist-high."



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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss
    Man, that woman gives a whole new meaning to the term "brow lift". They look like they're about to take off.
    That's so funny, MG. She'll need a pilot's license before she gets another brow lift.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    janice book signing

    I went to a discussion and book signing at barnes and nobles (Manhattan) last night. Janice looked so beautiful in person. I was amazed. She looks great! She was extremely funny and an entertaining speaker. Regarding ANTM she did mention something along the lines of that at the point Camille and Mercedes were up against each other for elimination, the other judges wanted camille. So Janice said she quit the show (or threatened to quit didnt catch all of it), but of course it was mostly edited out, and then they went with mercedes. Janice said she wanted mercedes to win, which we already know. When I went up to have my book signed I also told her I was also a huge fan of Mercedes and asked if she was signed. She said she didn't know but would call her and had one of her friends/assistants call Mercedes right then. Unluckily for me Mercedes was not home, but I don't know what I would have said to her anyway.

    She is doing another book signing tonight at border's in columbus circle. If you live in the area you should def go.

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    AWWWWWWWW......janice is such a sweetie.

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    Did anyone see these pics of Janice at her book launch in NYC yesterday? They're hilarious! She really knows how to get people's attention:

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    Man she's not bashful at all. And she's pretty flexible too. Wow.

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    i think she looks great! she has lips to die for

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    I finished No Lifeguard On Duty this weekend. It was funny, and sad, and explained a lot about why Janice is the way she is. But, man, those pictures make we wonder if she's still clean.

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    O.o A mother of young children shouldn't exactly be popping her breast out for hundreds of people to see. :rolleyes

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    this freaky woman is too funny.every time I see her I this of the seinfeld epi when Uncle Leos eyebrows were painted on. I hope dear Janice is never caught in a dust hurts if you can't blink, just ask Joan Rivers..

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