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Thread: Janice Dickinson

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    Quote Originally Posted by withoutasol
    she was still smoking hot in the mid-early 90's
    I think her time might've been a little earlier than the mid-early 90's, but to agree with you, she sure WAS smoking hot, as a model! She was a dark, exotic-looking beauty in the midst of Blonde City and for her time, she ROCKED!

    That's one of the main reasons I enjoy having her around the show. I know she's not lying when she says she's done it all as a model!

    No, I'm not wild about the face lift (and, sometimes, I do wish she'd edit what she says and/or --- in particular --- how she says it). But I give her all the credit in the world for having been there, done that and not being afraid to tell the truth to these girls.

    She is very much needed on ANTM and the show would not be the same without her.

    I'll just have to get used to the face lift!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nora
    I don't understand.....she was stunning before....specifically in this pic:
    Why would anyone who looked like this want to change themselves? She messed herself up good now.
    I was reading her Bio and in my opinion she's become addicted to keeping herself young. I agree with previous posts, she would still be hot even if she didn't keep pulling her face back or getting a boob job! And I agree further with the post that she should just accept age and not try to be 18 anymore.

    Anyone else think Janice looked like Phoebe Cates when she first became a model?
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    She looked a lot like P. Cates. I was just thinking that the other day

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    Yea i agree she looked like her. When I was looking at the photos i was trying to figure it out who it was that looked like her.

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    yeah, there are other mature models who age very gracefully, isabella rosalini (SP?) as well as lauren hutton.

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    All I can think is that it must be extremely difficult for these women who are known primarily for how they look to age. When you are identified entirely by your looks what do you do when they go away? (In Janice's case, you get A LOT of surgery).

    p.s. anybody get a screen shot of Janice on Entertainment Tonight? I missed the whole 8 days post-surgery episode.
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    Janice's hard living (sex, drugs, rock and roll, baby!) not to mention her smoking and overexposure to the sun have taken a toll on her face. I don't think that she really needed anymore work done on her face. I'm not really sure that a lift would really recapture her youthful good looks. She has worked off all the softening fat from her face. It seems to me that pulling it tighter would only further empathize that.
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    I don't know. I just think she still looks great and the recent surgery was unnecessary. Janice is h.o.t. Look at Cindy Crawford! How old is she and she looks great too! I love her-I think she's beautiful.

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    What's up with Janice's "model" behavior?

    I saw Janice Dickenson on Ryan Seacrest and they took her off because of her odd behavior. She claimed that it was a "prescription" that had made her a little loopy and had her crotch dive Seacrest on live TV. Is she having a breakdown or Courtney Love moment? I am concerned she is losing it, in every interview I see of her lately, she seems high

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    ANTM needs Janice -- she's, like, the Simon Cowell of the show . . .

    I think she's a beautiful woman (and probably would have been prettier without the cosmetic surgery -- her hair and figure is fabulous!), and hope she does no more plastic surgery because eventually she will end up like Michael Jackson. He's gone way over the edge, so that even further plastic surgery won't help -- no way to fix it if you don't have a lot of skin or nose to work with anymore . . .

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