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Thread: America's Next Top Model: Male version

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandyAss
    I think it would be great, let's face it the viewers of America's Next Top Model are mostly women and Gay Guys.

    I don't agree. Many of the men around this office watch purely for the gratuitous booty and boob shots that this show seems to have. One dude even said that ANTM has thte most skin you can catch on TV right now

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    It does have the most skin besides that Janet Jackson scandel.
    Yeah, i don't think that gay males are the only ones that watch it.
    I am not gay and i watch it for Tyra and the sexy girls and how they transform

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    I would do it in a second. Every modeling opportunity I have had I have gotten the awesome face comment but you need to lift weights. And I think having different types of men. Straight(me), bi, gay, black(me), asian, hispanic, skinny, built; the more differences between the contestants the more people are attached to watch the show. There can be the arrogant guy, the shy guy, the jock, the nerd, and the outsider(me).

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    Well, why don't you enter our online version?
    it's in my signature

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    Well I think that this would be a great idea, and it would be a lot of fun to watch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandyAss
    let's face it the viewers of America's Next Top Model are mostly women and Gay Guys. I still can't picture straight men saying "hey bud, let's watch America's next Top model".
    Hey, you're forgetting about the millions of straight men with girlfriends/wives who are "forced" to watch it :rolleyes. That's the excuse many straight men give for following it (including mine). I mean, c'mon most of us have more than one tv in the house and if girlfriend is watching it the men could easily go into the other room or find something else to do. It's funny how so many men use the "my girlfriend/wife makes me watch it" excuse instead of openly admitting that they watch it because they like the show as much as their women do...

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    I would love to see a male version, it would be some sexxy guys on there. But for real, I can't see other guys watching it though.

    I guess they could change the name of the show for men. I dunno.

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    Like "America's Next top hunk" haha but that may get into weight lifting rather than modeling

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    [QUOTE=withoutasol]ebony is was a lesbian right? i don't see why gay men can't be models- and i think that the stereotype is that a lot of the models ARE gay... the whole notion that anyone who is artistic, dressed nice, works out & doesn't have a beer is labled gay- oy! those metrosexuals make things so complicated now! haha[/QUOTE
    It's estimated half of male models are gay. Why a show about male models wouldn't work, is that they make about 1/10 the amount of money woman make and they rarely become household names, few exceptions. The only one whose name I know is Tyson Beckford, and I think his famed peaked about 10 years ago.

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    Mmmm...Tyson Beckford.

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