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Thread: America's Next Top Model: Male version

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    Yeah i can understanding that you have to tape and show the next seasons to keep it alive. But if you wait more than one year, then people will have forgotten the show.
    I can respect that aspect. But with two more seasons already signed, i can't see how they are allowing these models that won to spread their wings. I mean it takes about a year to do all the photoshoots so that they come out at once and you make every cover. But i just see the winners taking over Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Old models in ANTM in. hehe
    I think i should make a male Victoria's Secret. heheh
    but its true. Men can't really be "sexy" like woman can. Woman can tease with breasts. Men can only show "pecs"
    So i think we should come up with ideas to change industry standards or ideas

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    homosexual males

    Hahaha..."do you think it would attract homosexual males"?
    I love it how everyone gets so proper and is so timid to use the word GAY.
    Lord baby, noone says gay gay...I think it would attract a cruise full of gay men. But I also think it would push boundaries by showing straight men (beautiful straight men) who would have to pose nude and live and sleep in the same room with HORRORS gay men. Heck...the horrors may be for the gay boys having to sleep in the same room with a straight man...cause any male model going into the fashion world is going to have work with some gay gay gay men.
    It'd be fabulous...and seeing how UPN's target 18-34 y.o. women respond so well to a female version, imagine the ratings for a show featuring every woman's two favorite things:
    Sexy straight men in their underwear
    and sexy gay men in their underwear.
    I know I'd watch it.......likely in my underwear too.

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    haha i think it would be funny to live with a gay guy. I have gay friends. They are pretty cool. I have some that act like it and some that don't

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    I don't think it can be done. The producers are going only be looking for the muscular type. The ones with abs, pecs, strong legs, etc. Most male models are that. Girl models however can be a whole variety.
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    hey i am straight But i gotta Agree with DjDeluxay
    But seeing hot girls in hot photoshoots... Thats just HOT lol

    Hot Girls: Shandi Yoanna And Jenascia

    Drama'Ful Girls: Camile And Sara

    The rest is just funny watching them fight and shit

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    Male models comes in variety too, not just all buffed amd muscular, there are also waifish, fragile, grungy, athletic, androgynous and jock type. Shaun De Wet is the hottest male model right now. just a dish, male models think Gisele is an airhead b*tch

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    Yeah, I agree...there are such a wide variety of male models for all tastes. From A&F frat boys to a waifish European look. I think it'd be a great show.

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    I believe when this show originally started in Australia, (We, (usa) got the idea from them) they had both male and female versions. I remember seeing the winner for male and female on soem sites.

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    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    Yep for once Australia was ahead of the rest. The second series of Search for a Super Model in Australia had both males and females it was really great the males were just as entertaining and really good to look at. If I remember rightly they picked a male and female winner who like the winner before them has gone on to total obsecurity.
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    What do you mean? The show "America's Next Top Model" Copied a different country?
    How as it? how were the models?

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