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Thread: Bethany's UPN Chat

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    Bethany's UPN Chat

    Ok i know there are a bit too much of a chat session. But what are your thoughts on her chat? If its ok with the Mods please post the whole thing .
    I think she seemed a little more "real" than Anna did. I mean she made some comments about Tyra that were honest to me

    georgie: Didn't you think it was unfair that they chose which Eve you were and then made fun of it?
    Bethany: Very much so. Don't put me in something and then bad mouth me about it. I didn't have a choice.
    I thought that this one was very true. I mean doesn't the photographer kind of tell you a little how to pose.
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    (from the upn, "bethany" chat

    BamasModel: Why didn't you all wake Jenascia up?
    Bethany: It wasn't on purpose. She was on the top bunk, no one saw her.

    i'll have to look at my dvd, again,
    but i don't recall jenascia "over-
    sleeping" in a bunkbed.

    did anyone else catch that?



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    Um yeah she was. 1st episode she got on the top bed and licked the pillow before she took the hand and high fived it

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    Here is the entire transcript that can be found at

    Top Model Host: You all have a lot of great questions for Bethany, so let's get begin! Thanks for being here today, Bethany. Are you ready to take some questions?
    Bethany: Okay!

    mamilatina: Are you surprised they picked Shandi over you?
    Bethany: Um, yeah, a little bit. You just don't know what they're looking for.

    topflmodel: Do you feel you were eliminated due to your body structure?
    Bethany: I think it played a big part in it. That was the only issue that kept coming up, and that's all that I'm aware of.

    Cherub: Hey Bethany, How did you feel when you where eliminated? You should have never been eliminated!
    Bethany: Yeah, I wished I could have stayed longer. I think I could have done better with the other events, if given the chance to.

    so_B_it: What would you change about yourself, if anything?
    Bethany: Not too much, actually. I hope that doesn't sound a little too confident. I like the way I am.

    pmarion01: If you could do it all over again, would you change your approach to this?
    Bethany: Yeah, possibly. I probably would have kept to myself a little more with the whole issue of my chest, my body structure. I think they were looking for responses, and I should have responded differently.

    DickinsonIsHorrible: Bethany, were you ever afraid that Janice was going to attack or even eat you? I would be!
    Bethany: Ha ha ... I love Janice Dickinson.

    mamilatina: how do you feel about Camille?
    Bethany: Oh wow ... she's unique, she's loud. She's maybe a little bit phony.

    Msmoore: How did it feel to be placed against the very girl you said would not make it?
    Bethany: Yeah, was that on purpose or what? They want to show the rags to riches thing a little bit. That's fine with me, but there are no rags here.

    Dawn: What was it like working with J. Alexander? That must've been quite an experience!
    Bethany: Yeah, he's a character. I love him, he's great. He's taught the best girls.

    so_B_it: When did you notice that things at Top Model weren't going your way?
    Bethany: When everyone made an issue out of my chest, I guess. They kept trying to play the "You're too Sexy" card.

    Cherub: Bethany, were you a little scared on the first Garden of Eden shoot when you where airbrushed?
    Bethany: A little surprised, not scared.

    MALE_MODEL: Bethany, who is your best friend in the loft?
    Bethany: Sara and Heather. They just related to me a little more than maybe the rest of them.

    Cherub: Bethany, where you a little shocked at some of the ''rather vague'' comments that Janice Dickinson made to you some times?
    Bethany: No. I think Janice was fine. I was kind of shocked at the other judges.

    pmarion01: What did you do before the show?
    Bethany: I have a promotions company and I'm a waitress.

    mamilatina: Bethany, you have a beautiful body. How do you feel that Janice said you were too big?
    Bethany: That's one of the least things that bothered me out of the things the judges said. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to look.

    Champagne12004: Bethany, did you have big problems with Camille as Yoanna and the other girls had?
    Bethany: I saw where they were coming from, but didn't have as problems as they had, I guess. Camille had two sides.

    BamasModel: Why didn't you all wake Jenascia up?
    Bethany: It wasn't on purpose. She was on the top bunk, no one saw her. How do you not hear 12 girls trying to get ready?

    vayne: Bethany, do you get to keep your photos from your shoots?
    Bethany: We don't have them now.

    BamasModel: Is it hard to get on the show and how were you chosen?
    Bethany: It's a series of rounds. I would say it's hard to get on. There are thousands of girls who try out.

    tata7791: What do you think about Yoanna?
    Bethany: I think she's hilarious She's an entertainer.

    supertopmodel: What do you think of Shandi's glasses? C'mon would someone trying to be a Top Model really wear those?
    Bethany: Ha ha ... Oh my God, this is brutal. Yeah, I'm not a fan of it. I think you should have contacts if you're going to go to New York and try to be a model. But what do I know, I've been eliminated.

    DickinsonIsHorrible: Bethany, what sort of food do you eat to keep yourself looking so healthy?
    Bethany: Ha ha ... Like I said, I love Mexican food, I like Italian food and I love chocolate. That's as healthy as it gets.

    mimi: What was your biggest peeve living with the other girls?
    Bethany: Two bathrooms. Short and simple.

    jess: Bethany, do you feel that the episode in which each contestant was forced to wear only body art was appropriate for television?
    Bethany: Appropriate? Yeah, but I wouldn't say it would have been my first choice.

    SwtBrasilianDelight: If you had one thing to ask Tyra, what would it be?
    Bethany: Why wasn't I given more of a chance?

    ouiouichat: What was your funniest or most embarrassing moment on the show that we didn't see?
    Bethany: Between all the other chaos and drama ... We all got wigs and ran down the streets of New York.

    supertopmodel: What is the best tip you've learned from Tyra or one of the other judges that will help you in your career?
    Bethany: They really didn't give me any tips besides be aware of your boobs. But I think I'm pretty aware of them.

    Sleeves: How is NY compared to Houston, TX? Would you like to live in NYC?
    Bethany: To me Houston is a spread-out New York. It's not so clumped together. I like New York.

    so_B_it: Bethany, do you think your mistake was listening to bad advice?
    Bethany: No, not really. I don't know what the bad advice is.

    Sleeves: Do you have a boyfriend?
    Bethany: No.

    OrientalEve: Bethany, what type of Eve were you on the first photo shoot? Which Eve did you like the most?
    Bethany: I was Winter Eve. I liked Heather's costume the best. She looked sort of Springy and flowery.

    CattySC: Who is under-weight in your opinion...who is in the best shape?
    Bethany: Underweight? Shandi obviously. Best shape? April.

    Nygirl: Which girl did you think you had more of a competition with?
    Bethany: None. I was very unique and different from the rest of them.

    Anna: Which of the judges' comments shocked you the most and have they affected you in any way after the show?
    Bethany: Probably Tyra saying that I look like I should be in a girlie mag. No, it hasn't affected me. Absolutely not.

    camillehater: Did you want to kick Camille's butt when you had the upper hand in the big fight?
    Bethany: Ha ha ha ... No, I just wanted her to actually listen and admit her faults... Maybe a little bit.

    btw1998: Is Catie really a sweetie? She seems so genuine.
    Bethany: Yeah, she is. Very girl-next-door, very sweet.

    brit: Who do you feel was the cattiest on the show?
    Bethany: Camille.

    notamodel: Bethany, were their any girls in the house that you thought were just down right beautiful?
    Bethany: No, not really. Sara kind of struck me as a very sexy person. But none of them I would have looked twice at on the street.

    brit: Which girl spent the most time in front of the mirror?
    Bethany: Oh, Camille, without a doubt, hands down.

    Deee: How involved is Tyra in the everyday routines of the girls?
    Bethany: She's behind the scenes. We saw her very little.

    ouiouichat: All right, Bethany, give us some dirt on the girls in the house that we didn't get to see...
    Bethany: You guys saw all the highlights of all the drama that happened in the house.

    Deee: Who do you think was the least attractive?
    Bethany: I'm not sure. My initial opinion of Shandi was that she looked like a bird, so what do I know?

    Misty: How did you find out about the auditions?
    Bethany: I went online to after the first season and filled out the application and went through the rounds.

    sandydee: Hey Houston, would you ever be a Dallas cowboy cheerleader?
    Bethany: Are you serious? Uh, no. It would be fun if I was rich, but it doesn't pay.

    heidi: Who is your favorite famous model?
    Bethany: Besides Tyra, Nikki Taylor.

    georgie: Didn't you think it was unfair that they chose which Eve you were and then made fun of it?
    Bethany: Very much so. Don't put me in something and then bad mouth me about it. I didn't have a choice.

    pmarion01: Do you have a fan club now?
    Bethany: No. Ha ha ha ... Not yet. I don't know about all that.

    crain95: Bethany, why does the modeling industry frown on women with a cup size bigger than A?
    Bethany: The designers don't make the clothes to fit them most of the time.

    Kahva: Bethany, who is your favorite R&B artist?
    Bethany: Hmm ... There are so many. I'm more into Hip Hop than R&B, but I like them both. Sade.

    chocolate28: Bethany, are the cameras on the girls all day?
    Bethany: Yes. 24 hours.

    MAYBE: Who did Camille's hair?
    Bethany: She did. Ms. Creativity over there.

    angelique: What was it like without privacy?
    Bethany: Frustrating, annoying. There are so many words. It sucks, bottom line.

    armychic: What did you think about Anna getting kicked off for not doing nude shots?
    Bethany: I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, how do you think you can get through the show without doing it? But, a supermodel can make those decisions if she wants to do it at all.

    Dawn: Which girl in the group would you say eats the most? (Weird question, but I was curious.)
    Bethany: Probably me.

    TwoStepJunkie: are Mr. J's legs really that good looking? I would kill for legs like that!
    Bethany: Hm...I guess. They were okay. I don't know about his legs, but I'm not sure about the shirt. The shirt was kind of weird.

    JennyPenny: I am 13 and an amateur model. Do you think that is too young?
    Bethany: No, I think it's perfect. They're getting younger and younger these days.

    jayfan1: Tyra said you were "pinup-ish," but we've seen her on swimsuit covers, Stuff and Maxim. Isn't it hypocritical of her?
    Bethany: Yeah, I think so.

    pmarion01: What do you think of Jay's comment about Xiomara?
    Bethany: Oh...I love Xiomara to death, but she was looking kind of crazy.

    model_chica: Bethany, just want to say I think you are gorgeous. Would you ever consider acting? You just seem like you'd be good at it
    Bethany: Hm ... sure, why not? Thank you.

    athziri: Are you currently in Houston, and are you going to attend the Superbowl? What are your future plans?
    Bethany: Yes, I am in Houston. I'm not going to the Superbowl. And as far as future plans, I have a promotions company that has a lot of things going on that are very exciting.

    Top Model Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Bethany is up. Bethany, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Top Model fans?
    Bethany: Stay tuned in. There are some great shows coming up.

    Top Model Host: Don't miss an exciting new episode next Tuesday at 9:00PM ET/PT. Then come back to for another chat next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT to chat with the next eliminated model!

    Gizzmoe: Good Luck Bethany

    bmggirl: I wish you the best of luck Bethany, never let your dreams go!

    Swim: I love you Bethany! You were the best out of them!

    icequeen: You are awesome!

    ouiouichat: Greece loves you!

    Swim: God Bless you!

    missamsterdam: I LOVE YOU!

    Anna: Keep being who you are, you're awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    Um yeah she was. 1st episode she got on the top bed and licked the pillow before she took the hand and high fived it
    yes, but when they showed her
    _oversleeping_ she wasn't in a
    bunk bed, right?



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    um i saw her on her bunk. it was red. I replayed my tape. She was on a bunk bed. You can't really tell. Only if you look on the right corner will you notice the it is a little high above the ground
    i really wanted her to stay two more episodes. I mean that would have been enough to test her. I mean she followed Tyra's advice. I mean what does her butt have to do with the shoes. It looks like she is in action with the shoes almost

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