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Thread: Makeover Predictions?

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    I watched the preview on the UPN site... I'll try to take a screencap but...

    Xiomara seems to have shortish choppy hair (if that makes since, but hers isn't too long to begin with, but that, the choppiness, may be just for the phtoshoot)...

    Yoanna seems to have short hair, too.

    And it looks like they darkened April's hair...

    It doesnt seem like they did anything to Jenascia's.

    Check it out.... go here and scroll down.

    Oh wait, I think Xiomara has long hair... sigh, watch it yourself.
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    Catie sort of look like elyse, the hair style. It kind of looked like the pixie style thingy.
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    ok. Elyse had longer hair. She didn't seem to have a pixie look to me in season one. But Catie's hair needs to grow more. Lets hope for that.

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