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Thread: Episode 3 Preview Screen Caps *Minor Make-Over Spoilers*

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    I watched the preview, and the glimpse that I got of Caties hair when it was cut and styled looked good. It does look like a plucked chicken when it's not styled yet, and when she has messed it up for some reason when crying, but there was a very short section where it looked very feminine and nice. I guess for the photo shoot they styled it look somewhat Punk or such, which didn't seem to fit her.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Yeah i agree with you Tirlittan. I mean maybe the photoshoot will make up for it. It kind of seems like an Alternative shoot. She might have a Rpcker style. Lets hope the pose and the set will make up for it

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    teal razz
    Quote Originally Posted by lambikins
    "And, what's up with Shandi? It looks like she's giving up from that picture of her lying on the floor."

    I can't remember which model from last year ended up being booted, or left, because she missed her boyfriend, but maybe that's what's bothering Shandi. After all, she was the only one, so far, that's being shown talking to a S.O.

    In her thread, a friend of Shandi's posted post-show pix of a very smiling Shandi and her boyfriend, so maybe the pressure got too much and she was just happier going back home.

    But who knows? Maybe she toughed it out and won!
    nah, it had nothing to do with Eric (I'm his sister) Just when you never have time to eat or sleep more than 3 hours AND your working on top of that, that can cause some extreme exhaustion, poor Shandi!

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    I've just watched the preview in ANTM2 website. I personally think Catie looks good in short hair. Yoanna's new hairstyle is good too.
    By the way, I love Shandi most. Does anyone notice that she was lying on the floor wearing high heels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hklts
    I've just watched the preview in ANTM2 website. I personally think Catie looks good in short hair. Yoanna's new hairstyle is good too.
    By the way, I love Shandi most. Does anyone notice that she was lying on the floor wearing high heels?
    I think that Shnadi ends up crying because she twisted her ankle or something walking in those heels. Everyone else seems to think its emotional.

    As for Catie's's just grows back, plus it looked AWESOME in the punked out look and had an edge she never could have gotten otherwise. It will benefit her in the end becuase she had the walk and just needed the edge.

    I didn't get to see Yoanna's hair.

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    I could have sworn from watching the previews for next weeks show, when they show Shandi lying on the floor in heels, someone says something about her bleeding. It looks to me like she was taking the advice of practicing in heels and that she might have taken a nasty fall.

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    Everyone is so sympathetic for Catie and all the other girls. The girls need to get over it. They are PROPERTY of the designer or photographer that is putting them on the runway or the cover.
    Catie can have extensions put in to giver her long hair again. If she's a model, her body is no longer her's. It belongs to the makeup artist and the fashion designer. Her job is to sell the product even if they have her covered in doggie poo, french kissing a corpse.
    She'll survive a hair cut...she better if she wants to be a model.'s all part of Tyrant Banks plan.
    Confront these gals with their weaknesses...if they can't overcome them (i.e. Anna and nudity) then they're not cut out to win the show.

    Janice D wouldn't mind a haircut, she ROCKS!!!

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    haha you make it sound like the models are not even people.
    I can imagine it now. Janice with a her sides cut and give her a Pink(the artist) style pose. rock on!
    Sorry to be But why do they ride in that small van. I thought they had that rock star bus. Maybe it is too big right? And hard to get around town. But i love that bus

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    from this video

    Heathers hair is about the same lenth, layered in the front and no more streaks
    Yoannas hair is short
    Saras hair is a lot lighter than before and really short
    Cant really see Xiomaras
    they dont show mercedes
    Camille no longer has braids, its straight black
    April has black or dark brown hair
    Jenascia seems to have layers in the front

    i dont know, maybe the video is not as clear for me but right now, im not liking the makeovers , especially, wtf did they do with saras hair? she looks like a plucked chicken, catie has it good compared to her. hopefully im seeing shit and it wont look like that when its styled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spegs
    Yes, she needs to be versatile. But think about it...when this show is over, and she is still looking like a plucked chicken, how versatile can she be? She is only going to fit the edgy/pixie/little-boy-blue look. With hair, she could do a much wider variety of looks. And you can always slick long hair back if you want edgy. I still think it was cruel and irresponsible of the show to let this happen.
    I totally agree! She looks like she could be the star in a high school stage production of Peter Pan!

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