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Thread: ANTM2, Ep. 2 Recap: Hit Me With Your Breast Shot

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    Thanks for the feedback everybody! I love hearing from you guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    I liked it. Man i almost made a recap. beat me to it i see.
    Thanks DJ. And please don't worry about recaps, it's not just my job here at the FoRT, but my pleasure to write for you guys.

    Hope to see you next week for more ANTM!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    awesome recap, sfg! i love reading it after i watch... it's like reliving it all. and the walk like she's on crack had me last night and again today when i read your cap. thanks so much for a great retelling!

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    ok. Yeah thanks for this. You should publish it. Or maybe make a Newsletter style recap witht he pictures and stuff

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    Uh, dj, if you hadn't noticed, this IS published. SFG is a writer for our site. She writes. She's written. This is her writing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nyc_star
    Thanks for posting the link! Last season's interviews were real interesting so it is good to see that they are doing them again this year.

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    SFG your recaps ROCK!

    You're the perfect recapper for this show! Thanks for keeping me caught up *and* making me laugh!

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    :Yay Oh I loved your recap!!

    ...While some of the girls are cruising around in the model van and checking out the Manhattan sights, Camille, Miss It’s-All-About-Me, blathers on ceaselessly about either herself, things surrounding herself, things she has done, or thoughts she has, which appear to be mostly about herself and the things she has done. All the girls in the van appear to be enervated by Camille’s non-stop ego-thon, and no two are more annoyed than Bethany, Miss Tits (who, when she’s not rolling her eyes, simply stares at Camille as if in disbelief that someone can be so self-centered), and Yoanna, Miss 45-pounds-lighter (sorry, couldn’t think of a good one for her).

    You really captured the mood here. I swear Bethany was one Camille yadayada away from smacking her in the face, or at least screaming "shut your freakin' pie hole!" Camille must be one of those rare people who receive absolutely no input from others in social situations. How more obvious did Bethany have to be?

    This is my favorite show and I love your recaps. I can't be more obvious than that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rikyrah
    This may not be politically correct, but I love Camille. I love her snobbiness. I love her bitchiness. Hell, I love that she came to win and doesn't give a rat's ass. I loved her at the cocktail party. She is so focused, it cracks me up.

    I will say that I'm tired of Tyra and the judges giving Shandi pass after pass when it's obvious that she isn't doing the tasks at hand. I didn't like the girl with the Playboy body, but she did better than Shandi. They treat Shandi as some science experiment, and I don't want another girl who is actually doing the tasks at hand to be kicked out because they want to see how Shandi ' blossoms'. She was obviously the absolute WORST yesterday...she should have been GONE!

    This episode summary was terrific. Thanks a lot!

    I do agree, she seems very dedicated to this, probably the most dedicated, and everyone dislikes her because of her snobbiness,etc. I think it's just because she doesn't think of this as a game, she's very serious.

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    Snowflake Girl, this is a fantastic recap!

    I only watched the last episode of this show. I don't know the girl's name but, I was impressed with the first girl who was posing on that square block.

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