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Thread: 01/20 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    the first thing I thought when I read your post was you are Bethany, since the way you defended her was too much, but I don't care who you are, what you know. I just thought, pointing out that you might be her or someone who knew the inside stuff might be too rude, because that's like saying that 'only those' will defend her, so that's why I didn't say anything... whoever you are, whatever you know, who cares? only thing I can say is it's a tv. she is gone. she was portaryed as it is. "We have a right to think whatever we want from the edited version." if you wanted to come here to fix that image, fine. go ahead.
    but to me, she is gone, and I'm threw with discussing the comtestant who is not gonna appear anymore. period.

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    Why not throw my opinion in there....

    When a person agrees to appear on a reality television show, they are agreeing to let the producers of the show display their personality as they wish. Your personality is displayed by what you give them, so I believe that Bethany's personality and character is what was displayed. Whether you know her personally or not doesn't really matter. Her character on the show (to some people) wasn't good and is free to be criticized. just like when people talk about characters on sitcoms or soap operas.

    As for Bethany. She was fine. I had no problem with her character. She was funny. I had a problem with her talent as I don't think that she quite understood that her walk, her poses, and her general demeanor emphasized her breasts. in interviews she did say she wished people would stop focusing on the breasts and start focusing on the talent. the problem is for me that if she had enough talent she would realize how to pose her body to seem fluid instead of always breast first. Just my few cents.

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    NYC, I believe that Starlight has said elsewhere that she knows Bethany personally.

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    ok, it really doesn't matter to me, boxhill.

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    I'll just add "No offense" what's so ever, ok? I just simply don't care who it is...

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