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Thread: Episode 1 Final Photos: "Eve" Shoot

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    LOL my thoughts exactly

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    i think i like everyones except bethany and sara's. i just didnt like that whole tinman thing for sara. i thought it was yuck and bethanys was just horrible period. i thought shandi looks really pretty and who knew she had a booty like that? lol.

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    I think Shandi's saggy breast outweighed her average butt

    GAWD, I'm still trying to figure out what kind of Eve Sara was. I'll pay money for anyone who'll tell me

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    if you watch the first episode over again, they have the lil poster sized drawings witht he eves labled- but you have to like watch out for it carefully

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    They also showed it on last night's recap but I didn't see Sara's anywhere!!

    The one I keep seeing is freakin' Xiomara's

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    After seeing all the pics, I'd have to say that my favorites are Mercedes (She really plotographed well in her pic), Yoanna (Is she supposed to be "Night Eve"? She looks almost like a witch....) and April (I love the dragon design!). I thought Xiomara's design was a little plain, Camille looked like something out of an issue of National Geographic, and Bethany did look like one of the Things from Cat In The Hat, and Sara's picture, for some reason, looks very Alicia Keys....must be the head covering.

    I wonder how Anna's would have turned out?? I noticed her's was probably a little more revealing than the others from what I saw of the sketch.

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    You can see Sara's picture. i will rewatch. They show her design the least. Its on the far left i think when you see the girls in front of them

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    I think Anna's would have looked like Bethany's.

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