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Thread: The truth about plus modeling

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    The truth about plus modeling

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to these boards, but I just had to say I'm really peeved at what Tyra and crew are making out to be plus models. Anna could not be a plus model! Or at the very least a "top" plus model.

    Plus modeling goes from size 10-18 with size 14 (give or take a size depending on the market) getting the most work. Occationally there will be a size 8/10 or 20 thrown into the mix, but they DO NOT get most of the work.

    Robin from last season wasn't viable for the plus market either. While she was the right size on bottom, plus models are expected to have an hourglass figure (10" diff between bust/hips and waist).

    Regular models are usually a size 4, 6 is considered heavy, but workable. Size 8's are limited to commercial print work (think toothpaste aids, medications etc.).

    Some real top plus models:
    Natalie Laughlin

    Kate Dillon


    Barbara Brickner

    Sophie Dahl (used to be plus, now more of an 8, but made her big break as plus)

    Just thought I'd share that.

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    Well now and days they measure weight to height. So to them it doesnt matter what you define. But remember for Robin it will take a long year or more process to get out there. The show only aired about a year ago. And they could not release any media on who won until a little or alot after the show. So lets just hope the time will come for Anna and Robin to be one

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    I don't think thats a good enough way to do the weight height thing

    I have modeled before (though not in New York or anything, I think I'm too young to do that) and followed the fashion industry and so fourth, and it's all about measurements, not about what you weigh, and depending on how tall you are you have to be around a size 4/6.

    I just don't think its right, because Anna and Bethany have the same stats, Heather is bordering plus and Sara isn't (Only one pound there, and one inch difference between the two)

    and I think most models are supposed to have that 10 inches, as to the most common model measurement for high fashion is 34-24-34...not saying that bigger ones don't exist, Giselle with her 36-24-35

    and love the pictures

    Mia Tyler, more known as the daughter of Steven, but shes also a plus size model

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    LuvLuv that Mia Tyler! Thanks for sharing that info too.

    I heard that Carre Otis is now plus-size as well.

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    She is, but all the pictures I found of her were from her Bulemia skinny days (and that isn't me mocking, she was bulimic)

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