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Thread: Episode Two Description

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    Episode Two Description

    I didn't see a topic about this, but if there already is, feel free to lock it.

    Here's the description of the second episode from the UPN site:
    • Rivalry between models escalates into a house-wide fight.
    • One competitor takes a hard fall on the runway.
    • One model fears her body is under extreme scrutiny.

    I think we already know the first two from the previews (Camille/Yoanna and Shandi). I wonder if it is Heather or Yoanna for the last description. Heather maybe because of the plus-size comment last night or Yoanna possibly because of their comments on her body tone. Although it could be the girl who they commented on for having more of the Playboy type body. Bethany I think. Anyways, what are your thoughts?

    I lurked here all last season and figured I'd go ahead and join up. It seems like such a nice community.

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    Welcome, Xephyr! We are nice in a catty way.

    I think the 3rd one could be Yoanna because it's already been mentioned that they think she lacks muscle tone. Or it could be Heather who was told to either gain or lose weight. (That was an odd moment, wasn't it?)
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    vaguely related ot the 3rd one...
    who does eveyrone suspect will be this year's eating disorder suspectee? last year, it was elyse, who will it be this season? im going to go with Catie...

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    well, whatever happens in show
    #2, i'm looking forward to it.

    for me, it's gonna be a long wait.
    (but beween "fort" and my *.avi's
    of last night's show, i may be able
    to get by till then.)




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