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Thread: Show Discussion 1/13 ***SPOILERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    I'm sure a mod will post this part eventually, but remember no show discussion outside of this thread until, um, whenever. Etc. Etc.

    Ok, better late than never. . .

    So we do not spoil the show for our west coast members, please post on this thread only until 1am Eastern.

    Thanks guys.
    Hope you enjoyed the show.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    See Fluff-left alone, the children leave the nest.

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    now i'm even more into shandi.

    her looks are outstanding and
    _natural_, as is her personal-

    some of the other ladies did
    better than i expected, but
    they still don't have it all;
    shandi does.




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    the one that didn't do the photoshoot
    should have been screened out at the
    application process. her segments
    were a waste of time.

    i don't blame her decision; but the
    show should have moved on with a-
    nother lady.

    (her husband's a lucky man, though.)




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    Quote Originally Posted by Becki
    Oh, and how are these pictures going to sell contacts?? No one will even notice them!
    You're definitely right about that. Who's even going to notice the contacts in an ad campaign that features nude-- if painted-- people and a few stray penises?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ineedalife
    I got the feeling Anna did not watch ANTM1 about the nudity issue. And Jenascia or whatever is so gone. Welcome to the real world baby.
    Anna definitely was ditz, moral or not. She couldn't even spit out a coherant argument about why she wouldn't do the nude scenario -- which wouldn't even show any of her precious parts. "It's not Christian morality. I'm just trying to be Christ-like!" Priceless.

    And how the hell can an aspiring model not be accustomed to nudity? Even if a model herself doesn't do nude shoots, she will be stripped naked and seen by dozens of people backstage in all her photo shoots and runway shows.

    And the judges were right about the fact that she was giving them a holier-than-thou attitude when they called her on it. Look at the way she *smirked* at them when they asked her about it. Ugh.

    And Jenascia will be kept around for a while, though I doubt she'll win. She's the "underdog" now, and her tears and general vendetta against everyone else will make for some very good reality tv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo82
    Xiomara has an exotic different look... but it's a little scary She does have a lot of teeth, and her eyes seem bugged out or something most of the time... It will be interesting to see comes across on camera
    True. Though if you're talking about huge, exaggerated bug-eyes, you must mention Jenascia as well. Lord, thos things looked liked they would pop out her eyesocked at any possible moment...

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    I love how Tyra said she picked a few girls that were "plus sized" and "short". It was nice when the judges were bad mouthing it and she told them she loved it and wanted it there!!! Im 5'3 and 129lbs..... i didnt know i was all of a sudden plus size LOL!!! But oh well..... im glad she wasnt rude about someone being a little bigger than the others and that the one girl was shorter than the rest. And i just LOVE shandi to death. She is great but im scared to watch the next episode after seeing the previews.... looked like shes gonna have problems in those heels. And when she was talking to the judges.... "Look at that!!!! I have a butt!!!!" Shes just great!!!!

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    So far, I like Yohanna, Shandi, and April.

    Catie doesn't jump out as much as I thought she would. The other two blondes don't have much personality yet. Rather, they haven't shown them enough. They focused on Jenascia.

    In ANTM #1 I picked Adrianne, Elyse, and Shannon, and look what happened

    06-03-2003, 11:12 PM
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    urban cowgirl

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    Elyse, Adrianne, and shannon.

    oh and one more thing...bethany (is she the big boob one?) seems like this year's katie.
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    I think it will come down to Catie and Shandi. I was intriqued by Catie from the beginning; I liked the diversity of her portfolio. Also, she's very serious about persuing modeling, and she IS the perfect age for it. I liked when she said, "I have a butt!. She reminds me of no one from the first show. I love Catie!!!

    Shandi I also adore...lots! Poor little Walgreen clerk, and such a geek when she was young. She reminds me strongly of the original winner (sorry, her name eludes me.) She also was this ugly duckling, from the arm pit of a town: Joliet, Illinois. Against all odds: poor speech, low self-esteem; poverty...she hung in there and went for the Gold. Shandi has those qualities and if she doesn't win, I predict she'll come in second.

    Now....why, oh why does the Robin of the second season have to be yet another African-American?! I'm so disappointed in that factor. I have loads of Black friends and there's nary a one of them that acts like her. They've gone to Yale and Harvard, belong to Country Clubs and hold Season Tickets to the Opera, and they're just "regular" folks. Sad to say, what she reminds me of, is the Days of Yore, those Gone With the Wind Days, where you had the House "Colored": those of the lighter skin, who had taken on their Masters ways, dissing on the Field "Colored" and their Common Ways. God, can't she just 'show by example' and be seen for the lady that she thinks she is, rather than throw it in every one's face?! That girl on the bus was correct when she pegged Camille as a "Know-It-All"; I'm disappointed in her.

    The other girls are meh-h-h right now to me; I don't know whose responsibility it was for Jenascia: I blame everyone for NOT waking her up, especially April, who will get a bite from Karma on her ass. However, if you KNOW that you're a heavy sleeper, than bring a damn alarm clock, or two, and get their on time. It was only because Anna got Ol' Time Religious on them that she didn't get the boot.

    Anna...what were you thinking?! As they said above, "Didn't you watch the first show?" And the cutsie, '50's names that she had for her body...gag me already. Fine, you want to save your bodies viewing for your hubby...enter Beauty pagents instead! I'm sure some Christian Magazine will have an exclusive article about how she "Escaped the Wages of Sin," by NOT repeating Eve's mistake, and she'll end up on the cover of that magazine. Well, her hubbies gotta feel proud that no one else is going to see her bootie.

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