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Thread: ANTM Feature in In Touch Weekly, 1/19/04

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    ANTM Feature in In Touch Weekly, 1/19/04

    America's most beautiful?
    Top Model is back with another season of catwalks and catfights!

    They may be beautiful, but these girls are ready for battle. Beginning 1/13 on UPN, supermodel Tyra Banks will host a new season of America's Next Top Model, a competition in which 12 of the country's most beautiful women do whatever it takes to win a modeling contract.

    Living together in a New York loft, the aspiring models will spend 10 episodes under constant surveillance as they endure modeling boot camp -- a crash course to transform them from pretty woman to fashion superstars. "There will be temptations, insecurities, rejection and criticism," Tyra told In Touch. "They'll have to deal with it, just like in the real world."

    Meet the models:

    ...............1.......2...3.. ...4....5......6.....7.....8.. ...9.....10.....11.....12
    1. Jenascia Chakos, 21
    The Sleeper
    "I've got a sharp tongue, and I find people are only nasty to me once."
    2. Mercedes Scelba-Short, 21
    The Organizer
    "My most annoying habit is organizing -- I'm obsessive-compulsive."
    3. Shandi Sullivan, 21
    The Quiet One
    "I may look like I wouldn't hurt a fly, but wait until I get out there -- those other girls had better be ready!"
    4. April Wilkner, 23
    The Focused One
    "I'm driven, focused, competitive and extreme. It's all or nothing!"
    5. Xiomara Frans, 25
    The Dork
    "I was a dork all through high school so I had to develop toughness. I'm blatantly honest, even brutal."
    6. Heather Blumberg, 18
    The Honest One
    "I'm very competitive and I don't like to lose. I can be a bitch."
    7. Yoanna House, 23
    The Neat Freak
    "I'd rather have 60 men mad at me rather than one female. Woman don't forget."
    8. Camille McDonald, 25
    The Beauty Queen
    "My way is to kill them with kindness. Being catty is a distraction."
    9. Catie Anderson, 18
    The Girl Next Door
    "I'm very naive. I had a sheltered upbringing, so I have to open my eyes and realize not everybody means well."
    10. Sara Racey-Tabrizi, 22
    The Cry Baby
    "If someone throws something at me, I'll throw it right back."
    11. Bethany Harrison, 22
    The Independent One
    "I'm very independent, strong and opinionated. We're going to clash."
    12. Anna Bradfield, 24
    The Mommy
    "I'm not worried about catfights -- if there's a solution, I'll find it naturally. It's my plan to mother them all."
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    LMAO!! Nice list!! But SARA isn't a cry baby! Catie's the cry baby! :nono

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    Sara? Cry Baby? please!!!! The caption underneath doesn't even support the idea that shes a "crybaby" which she is DEFINITLEY not.

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    heh- i guess this article was before the show aired

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