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Thread: Did ATNM achieve it's goal??

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    Did ATNM achieve it's goal??

    It does not seem as if many of the girls from ATNM achieved much fame. Even the winner hasn't done all that much. So do you think the show achieved it's objectives. I don't think so. Also what is it with getting girls that are in their mid-20's. If you haven't started modelling early, what's the point? I know Cindy and some others still model, but they started a long time ago!

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    well yeah. Thats true.But Tyra and Cindy are famous,So they can last a long time. As for did they "achieved much fame." Well it takes about a year to get out and open. Photo Shoots and Go-Sees is a long process. So they just have to complete the process. And Adrianne will be on a cover soon i hear. Well lets just hope they will.

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