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Thread: Not so excited anymore...sniff!

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    Some complaints:

    1) Last season's candidates, such as Adrianne, Elyse, Ebony and even the dreaded Robin, had characters with their looks, this season, however, the girls are just so very plain. I could totally see last season's girls as magazine cover-girls, this season's girls, however, will just end up on the boxes of some unknown cosmetics.

    2) Neither season seems to have girls of Asian descent, can anyone spell "prejudice"?

    Some thoughts:

    1) Someone like Elyse is obviously hard to find, the favourite movies and personal motto of this season?s candidates just reinforce the common perception that models are brain-dead.

    2) Being a photographer myself, I can totally understand Tyra?s obsession on personalities. Models with strong personalities most definitely make more interesting photos and nicer people (unlike the likes of Robin) are most definitely easier to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firestone
    Some complaints:

    2) Neither season seems to have girls of Asian descent, can anyone spell "prejudice"?
    I believe April Wilkner (this season) is of Asian descent.

    I agree there could be more and better representation, especially as Asian women are so beautiful. Heck, the FORT's own DVM would be great on this show. She's prettier than half these girls.
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    I wish they had some Native American models on there, too. My daughter is half Navajo, and even though she's only 2, people stop in their tracks and tell me how georgous she is. Man, Natives and Asians never get the credit they deserve when it's out of the stereotypical boundaries. I kind of suspected that April was actually Native, but I guess we'll see, huh? I actually like how there are more ethnic women for season 2. I get tired of seeing the usual anglo girl cliche (no I am not anti anglo, I am anglo and Latina, but it's nice to see more than just the token black woman every once in a while, and I want my daughter to see that beauty is not limited to blonde hair and blue eyes). Since my daughter has black hair, brown skin, and black eyes. However, I am rooting for Shandi because I feel like she is someone I can relate to, but I'm rooting for April too.

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    I remember Tyra saying "models arrent born, they're made" before the first season. so maybe she is going for the same thing this time: average girls whit avegave jobs and when the show starts they all are going to be made into hot models. And maybe she will altso say "television never looked better" again

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