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Thread: What has last year's winner been up to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Thnaks for the update, Mattio!! Do you think you'll watch the new show, though? I think they should have your cousin be a guest judge at least once.
    I agree with hep, Adrianne would make a great judge! Nice to see you around Mattio, hope you will be hanging out once the show starts.

    Thanks for the links. That ad for Merit diamonds is just STUNNING!! I saw it in my TV Guide and got all mushy thinking about how much fun it was to watch her grow last season.

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    You never know, she might make a guest appearance in ANTM2. But given that she has really limited success/exposure so far (which is a shame!) it might be an embarrasement for the producers to bring her back. That is to say that the show hasn't really done much after all, despite all its promises. Plus if she hasn't gotten much more modelling experience then there's not much knowledge she can impart to the girls.

    I think it's easier if the show was aired on NBC, Fox or one of those major networks cos they'd set up the winner to be on all the day time and late night talk shows right away to keep up the exposure for at least a week or so. But Adrienne and the new winner probably won't have that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cindirella
    Did anyone else notice that she had her lips done?
    really? I didden't even noticed....

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    Thanks for the info everyone.

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    Well needless to say the girls this year are less moving than last, not because I am friends with Giselle or host Matt's Adrianne Curry Express

    But none of these girls seem all that much better than your average girl at the mall. Last year it seems that they were more interested in body types, this year, in ratings more than anything.

    Nudity on the first episode, c'mon. That kept us rivited to the tv last season, and the shots were much better from season 1. First shoot was a great test, second shoot had tearsheets. (crappy photos, but hey i am not in the mag, so why complain)

    This year they will probably create the scenario of somebody saying "if you sleep with me I'll get you gigs" for drama/test of morals.

    Plenty of girls sleep there way to the top, it is a reality, but season one ladies had far more class. Let's see how low they go for ratings.
    <3 for Adrianne and Giselle

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    They probably wanted to get the nude shoot out of the way first to avoid another "Robin" situation.

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