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Thread: Sara Racey-Tabrizi

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    She looks great. She might not have Angelina's lips, but her pose and how her brow lifted up in the photo truly catches Angelina's demeanor. She's still one of my top picks-

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    sara is my fav right now. i like her attitude. she seems like a cool chic. i think she did a great job doing angelina jolie.

    go sara!!

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    I loved Sara's pic!! Great choice!! (Thank god they didn't make her Brooke Shields after all!! )

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    She's probably the most beautiful of the girls, IMHO, but she seems to lack intensity or oomph in the photos. She's always cool and reserved to some degree. It's tantalizing--I hope she'll break through that.

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    I agree w/ boxhill. Angelina Jolie, with her hooded eyes and bee-stung lips, always manages to look every inch of the femme fatale on camera. Sara's photo recreates none of that seductive and slightly dangerous quality. With that vacant stare she's got going on, Sara looks like just another callow youth trying too hard to look alluring.

    That raised brow in her photo really bothers me, as well. It's like she's got all of Angelina's punk but none of her charm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AmandaG
    What amazing taste in movies she has.
    OMG, I am completely dying over here. Please tell me that what she listed as her favorite movie has got to be a joke...
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    haha, i think thats funny. It seemed she was on the spot and gave some kind of supermodel type movie. hehe
    I think she has alot of Exotic qualities. I kind of want to say she reminds me of Adrianne Curry. But i know that they are not looking for that anymore since its a whole new season. But her and Jenascia kind of have an "i don't care". And be them selves

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    Let's bring this topic back up to the top of the list. Sara is just getting better every week. This week she was fab! She posses such poise and beauty! I think she's going to be one of those that are still there competing at the bitter end.

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    still my favorite.

    she looks a little like her mom.

    I wanted to see more footage of her trying clothes on during that shopping spree with Mercedes.

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