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Thread: Sara Racey-Tabrizi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boohoo102
    And her eyes seem like they don't open all the way. Like this . Or like Garfield.
    Hmm...maybe she has been I always seem to forget that she is around until elimination time. Each week her photos get better and better.

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    She cracked me up this week talking about the other girls being bitchy because they couldn't appreciate the fact that they were getting makeovers at a top salon FOR FREE. Plus everytime she opens her mouth I keep expecting her to finish her sentences with "shee-it!"

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    Hey, is it just me, or does Sara look like Adrienne from Season 1?!?! I mean geez...

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    She's my favorite. I I was a little surprised there weren't more posts in here....then again, she hasn't been featured in any of the eps. so far.

    The whole exotic-Persian look with a ghetto-around the 'hood-accent for a girl from the Pacific northwest is very endearing to me somehow. I don't see how Tyra can hate her personality . Tyra obviously has no problems with biotchy camille (tyra-lite).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    Hey, is it just me, or does Sara look like Adrienne from Season 1?!?! I mean geez...


    Maybe with her sometimes sleepy eyes. Adrienne's eyes ..I've always associated with the ...same as her voice.

    Sara's eyes have more to do with her Persian ancestry.

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    I'm liking Sara more and more...but I do think her original hair color was better suited to her complexion. I hope we see more of her next week.

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    She is getting sexier and sexier everytime i see her. And i mean different as well

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    For episode 4, with the celeb makeovers, I just had a really bad thought. Janice had said that Sara looked like Brooke Shields in that Madden Ad. What if they made her Brooke Shields!! I hope not. Sara is WAAAAAAAAAAAYYY to attractive to look like Shields.

    SARA-- I have decided on it!! She IS going to be America's Next Top Model, hands down.
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    Sara looks great but I don't think she will win
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    She looks younger on the show than these pictures.

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