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Thread: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

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    Re: Mercedes in Kay Jewelers Ad?

    Quote Originally Posted by likeafox;2671684;
    I tried a search to see if this has been posted, but I didn't find anything. I swear that Mercedes is on page 7 in the most recent catalogue for Kay Jewelers. Here's a link to it online: Jewelry from Kay Jewelers, the Jewelry Store for Engagement and Wedding Rings, Diamonds and More

    This is her, no? She's pictured wearing a trio of diamond jewelry in a red cable-knit (collared or hooded?) sweater. A male model is kissing her hand, looking totally whipped, and she's giving off a warm fuzzy feeling. It's gotta be her. : )
    That doesn't look like Mercedes.

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    Re: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

    May '08 - Lupus LA Orange Ball Event
    She looks so pretty
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    Re: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

    Aww. She looks lovely, as usual.
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    Re: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

    shes laughing her commercial self all the way to the bank ilu mercedes <3
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    Re: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

    Glamorous and Beautiful.
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