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Thread: Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2
    I thought that was rude. I didn't hear the girls say anything about "please don't tell anyone", or "I'm trying to win without leaning on the sad story", but still.
    I totally disagree. I think Janice knew that sooner or later, her lupus thing will come out, and M is having hard time getting it off her chest. So, she just helped her or pushed her back to let it out. It's much better this way that she doesn't have to keep hiding it. I though "wow, Janice did it professionally." and it was a moment I thought she was cool. She didn't do ot in a mean way, I even felt a little motherly warmth in that quick act.

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    I'm wondering how long it will be before some of the other girls (Catie, for example) start trying to subtley (or not so) use Mercedes' lupus against her.

    There was some video (don't remember if it was in the preview) or something that I saw on the UPN site where Catie was doing an "all concerned about her" thing, but it reminded me of when some of the other girls last year were talking about their concern over Elyse's weight in a way that seemed designed to get the judges to be overly concerned about it as well.
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    I'm so glad she finally opened up with her disease.

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    I think that it will probably be used against her in some form. Whether it's her hair falling out or not being able to get back her "bubbly" personality.
    Hopefully letting her "secret" out will lessen her burden. Holding all of that emotion in had to be weighing on her.

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    It might work out well, in that if she needs to go take a nap occasionally she can just go to her bedroom and close the door. And presumably the other girls will be a bit more considerate and give her the peace and quiet she needs.

    (I thought the way Janice put everyone's "secrets" on the table was excellent: very brisk but kind, non-judgemental. And it eliminated gossip and speculation amongst the girls.

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    Just like the way that green apples made her gums itch, Mercedes always did and ate, for that matter, what she wanted. she has had that same attitude for at least 15 years and that attitude of never quit has got her this far and she will always win because of that. [moderator edit] and for the record NO she should not change her name to merced and no she is not filipino she is just Mercedes.
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    What do you mean by green apple and gum etc. ? I have no idea??? also, someone here mentioned before that she was half filippino. Is it so? I mean it doesn't matter, but it just sounded like you felt offended that someone said that she was filippino??? There is nothing wrong in it, I mean I know she is American, and we all know that she is mercedes, as you wrote it. I just really didn't get the meaning of the post above... No offense at all, seriously... Maybe it is because the post was edited in the middle??? I don't know...

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    they showed a picture of mercedes with her parents, her dad is asian or maybe its not her dad????

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    Yeah, I saw that one before, thanks.
    I was thinking that she is really exotic, and I wondered that she night have some ethnic beauty of Afro-american too? no?? I don't know. Her tanned skin and her hair. Especially when they were giving her a makeover,(how her hair looked at that time) I thought she might have that ethnicity too.
    Anyway, I think she is funky and cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrocuting
    aww i like her, shes sweet ...its hard to believe she was at one time, "the rudest girl ever"
    You're right, I totally forgot about this! I wonder how she could possibly have gotten that moniker, when she has been nothing but a darling on the show.

    How sweet was it to watch her with her mother? I am also very close to my mom, and that part really touched me.
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