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Thread: Yoanna House

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    I think about this from teh first episode, but am I the only one who think her face has a bit too much wrickle, especially around her mouth? I heard, once, that a person who lost a lot of weights, tend to have these...

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    Aside from the obvious *tanning* Not being hydrated enough will make you wrinkle and crease a lot. Your skin loses its "snap back" I bet at least a few of those girls haven't upped their water intake enough to make up for the hot drying lights they're under all day now. I wouldn't say they're "dehydrated" by any means, but you really have to toss back the H2o when you experience any kind of climate change.

    *Catie should probably have an extra gallon a day to make up for all over her leaky spells!*
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    Quote Originally Posted by withoutasol
    everytime i see the part where she flings backwards and says "its so exciting" i chuckle- its rather silly.
    Yes, definitely. I like it though- very girlish and such.

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    I went into this season not really thinking much of Yoanna, but now I have to say...I hope she wins! I think she has the most "Top Model" potential. GO YOANNA!!

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    I can't help but think that she looks older than 23 (or whatever her age is...I think it's 23).

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    kickingbabe! And yes, according to Yoanna's profile, she is 23. I think she just might look more mature comparatively because she is surrounded by so many baby-faced girlies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kickingbabe
    I can't help but think that she looks older than 23 (or whatever her age is...I think it's 23).

    I can't help but think she looks a little like Micheal Jackson. I really do think she is pretty, though. It's just something about her when she smiles with her mouth closed she reminds me of Micheal Jackson...

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    i think the laugh lines have a lot to do with her losing weight- theres just extra skin that needs time to be toned up again- thats why her tummy has this lil pouch

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    I think Yoanna has an element which is unique to the show. I can't think of anyone in either season who had the such natural style and elegance.

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    she can be very motherly at times(or at least that's what they make her look like in the editing)

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