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Thread: Camille McDonald

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    I'm wondering what catergory using stolen toilet paper after you went on TV and said talked about the person that did it falls under. If she wanted to make a point she should have said "Yoanna, don't do's kinda not on. I'll buy some later." But nooooo....she let the poor child pilfer the paper, talked about her and then used it later on....
    Are you serious? So now it's Camille's job to TELL them not to steal, huh. And if she comments on it later she's a bitch. Okay...gotcha :rolleyes

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    No, it's not her job to tell people not to steal. But to sit there and say nothing at the time of the thievery and then talk about it behind their backs is kinda tacky. I would have more respect for her if she had said something AT THE TABLE. But then again, that seems to be her niche. Say nothing, talk about people behind their backs, and then deny it when confronted.

    Let's put it like this: Can you picture someone like Janice or J. Alexander just sitting there saying NOTHING if someone at their table decided to pop up and announce they were going to steal toilet paper? ESPECIALLY if they had a problem with it?

    J. Alexander: OOH, chile, that's so tacky! But I ain't mad at ya. Be sure to save some for me!

    Janice: Your mistake was in telling us. A top model would have just waltzed in there and did it! I should know, Gia ALWAYS stole toilet paper...

    Tyra: (eyes big) No toilet paper in the loft? Someone's going to get fired, I TOLD those people over and over again to have toiletries in the rooms...*sees Yohanna get up* No girl, don't do that, that's just wrong.'s a dollar, now march your little self across the street to the grocer's and get some.

    Look, I'm not saying that she didn't have the right to be annoyed or upset by it. But there's a difference in seeing someone do something and commenting on it then and there than sitting in silence and having a go at them in private.

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    kao: on the money with the impersonations-lmao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeisastory
    I don't like Camille. She is selfish, self-centered, and arrogant. But she is also very confident and very focused, two things that will take her VERY far in this competition. To be honest, I don't like her and I don't want her to win. But she has a great shot at it - as long as she learns how to take criticism from people who know what they're talking about. If she starts giving attitude to the judges and guests like Carmen whatshisface Malvo, she's toast.
    I don't like her either. I don't think she is truly confident, though, not in the least. Much of her behavior is very insecure--especially her on-going self-congratulations over her own confidence and comfort "in her own skin".

    But I have no fears about her winning, though I suspect I will have to watch her till very near the end because of the drama she provides. UPN and Jane Magazine and Sephora are not going to allow someone whom they're investing money in to be portrayed so negetively. The editing happens after the choice is made, and I'm sure the winner is someone that the majority of the viewers are rooting for (and are thus more likely to go out and buy a magazine that features her). The editing is clearly setting up Camille as the "villain," and so she will be defeated in the end...right will triumph over wrong...light over dark...and so on and so forth.
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    Camille thinks she's the best and can't take any negative things said to her . .. Like, when Jay said her makeup was not all that great ATTITUDEEEEEE!
    Her attitude is going to bring her down . . .

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    Her self-painted face looked like she'd spent time at a 4-year-old's birthday party and got too close to the face painter. I respect her for trying something challenging but the overall effect was clownface. Kinda cute in a way.
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    lol- her makeup was a bit too gimmicky. i think she'll make it to the mid way point, but her refusal to take constructive criticsm and bite her tongue will hurt her

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    She loooves tomatoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    Look, I'm not saying that she didn't have the right to be annoyed or upset by it. But there's a difference in seeing someone do something and commenting on it then and there than sitting in silence and having a go at them in private.
    Had I been in her position I'm not sure I would have said anything to them either. This is just me, but I probably would have been too embarrassed to say something myself, especially if I didn't know them very well. There are many posibilities as to why she didn't stop them. But if you'd like to conclude that she did it out of bitchiness you are entitled to that (of course). After all, most people on this board share your's like a snowball effect around here...

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    her new jet black hairdo reminded me of Robin after her makeover in season 1. She had a jet black straight hairdo like that.

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