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Thread: Camille McDonald

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    redlight 6/7
    some pictures are sooo good and some are okay. overall i think that it's pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    Camille has signed with Major Model Management.

    I see, she had a nosejob, much better!
    I forgot how to link an image, but that one with FASHION in big orange letters behind her looks exactly like Prince.
    Seeking form amidst the void.

    But if that's not possible, gimme a Margarita...shaken, not stirred...and hold the salt, please.

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    , Milay you crack me up. Thanks for the link .

    I like her portfolio pictures alot! She really is a very pretty girl, her features are very nice and soft. She does have very, very nice legs aswell.

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    Have you guys seen her website?

    The photos are just........bad. very bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeYou
    Have you guys seen her website?

    The photos are just........bad. very bad.
    This website looks nice. I didn't think the pictures were that bad. It's just Camille.

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    The website introduction is SO DARN long! And yeah, her photos are kinda, BLEH haha. She has a mailing list? Hmm..... No comment haha.

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    Model Behavior
    Camille still has no waist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Model Behavior
    Camille still has no waist.
    Mhmm. I also noticed that too. It's almost a straight line from armpit to legs. Well maybe when she's earnt enough money she can afford a bit of body sculpting at the plastic surgeon's office. They may even give her a returning customers discount!

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    I think,what makes Camille a o.k model is her legs.She has amazing legs!!!They're super long and super hot.Her face mehh..okay in some pictures but 99% of the time Camille's leg look hot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by midnight sky
    I'm not calling Camille fat whatsoever. But, yes, her body is not suited for modeling. She seems to be quite muscular. Looking at spongilla's images of Camille on the runway, the last image (of Camille in a purple bathing suit) looks terrible-- it looks like she has no curves whatsoever.

    And, yes, I think she's way too old to model too.

    Funny, she was 25 (I think) on the show, yet I don't think Tyra and co. EVER brought up her age nor did they discuss her body. Yet Brita got so much flak for her age (she was 25 during the filming of C4, right?) and body on the show. What's up with that?
    I agree. She not fat, but her body is just not right for modeling. She has no waist and looks just to thick through the middle.

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