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Thread: Camille McDonald

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    To give her credit, she just didn't volunteer that information about her past accomplishments. Someone apparently asked her about that, only that part was edited out. And I have to agree with Ms Highbrow on the table manners bit (even though I don't know here she was going with the "butter" part). You also don't go to a tres swank restaurant and steal toilet paper on camera, either! You're supposed to traispe in there all sogniee and chic, pilfer away, get home, place the paper in the holder and claim ignorance as to how it got there!

    Camille also didn't bash the other's looks, either, which gives her some points up on....uh, another contestant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeppella
    um . .no she is not stunning . . .she thinks she's "IT". i "REALLY" don't like her. I hope she gets booted off soon. She's acting like a Naomi Campbell wannabe. :phhht
    Take a look at my post. I didn't say "She is stunning". I said "I still think she is stunning". Big difference. My opinion, which anyone can agree or disagree with, but my opinion just the same. I don't like her that much either, I just think that looks-wise she will go farther than some other of the ladies.

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    umm was it just me, or did she never wear lipstick that actually complemented her skin tone? what's with the coral and pink mess? Her attitude needs to go, she's just catty for no daggone reason

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    Ok, she's more educated than the other girls just because she doesn't put her elbows on the table and things like that? Man, I'm insulted.

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    yep, she's obviously the robin of the season, but i think even a little more intense. personally, i don't think she'll get too far, because there are other girls to create drama, and the judges already seem to despise her.

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    Probably some of those girls had never been to such an expensive restaurant before and did not know how to properly act. Elbows on the table and stealing toilet paper though? I may have raised an eyebrow at that behavior too.

    But Camille does come across as condescending based on what we've seen. I still think she is a beautiful women and on that alone, she may go further than you'd think. She also has confidence in her looks, which does come across in the photographs. Perhaps she is too confident though. She has not bothered me as much as Robin did last season, but it is very early in the season.

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    I'm with Camille on the restaurant issue. I would have been embarassed to be seen with people stealing toilet paper. And their manners were pretty bad - Shandi was wiping her nose with her hand while she ate. That would ruin the evening for me.

    However, Miss Manners would have faulted Camille for not rising above it. You could see the disapproval coming off her in waves. Just let it go, you're not their mama.
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    Wiping your hand while eating does seem kinda gross, and stealing toilet parer seems kinda pointless. But what's so damn wrong about putting your elbows on the table? I don't think that looks rude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delia
    Wiping your hand while eating does seem kinda gross, and stealing toilet parer seems kinda pointless. But what's so damn wrong about putting your elbows on the table? I don't think that looks rude.

    I guess it depends on how you were brought up, i was taught that elbows on the tables were very rude.

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    Yeah, I was always taught that elbows on the table was rude, but it was never an enforced rule... I wouldn't blame her.

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