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Thread: Camille McDonald

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    To give her some credit, it was very nice that she was one of the first ones that noticed that Shandi was sick and went to her aid. Very nice that she can look outside the "me" bubble and see someone in distress once in a while. I would like to see more of that side of her. She also seems genuinely happy about Shandi's makeover too.
    You're right about that. She's not as bad as Robin from last season.

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    Without all the bitchy comments she makes the show wouldn't be as fun. We as viewers love DRAMA! It wouldn't be as much fun to watch if they were all super sweet. Face it we all love to hate her.

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    [QUOTE=Kocky_Kamikaze]If I remember correctly, they colored Robin's hair blonde... and BOY WAS SHE PISSED! I think she said something like "I look like a streetwalker" or something like that!

    she had a jet black hair before that, and she loved it, saying "thers is nothing wrong with my hair being jet black!!:. I remember the hooker comment, too. I think she said she looked like a hooker after the change. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao

    Libra, it was a joke, okay? As in humor? As for the bread thing, I generally butter my roll on the plate, pick it up with two fingers and nibble daintily until yum-yum, all gone. I savage...Miss Manners, please don't beat me!


    BTW, I'll bet she used Ms Yohanna's ill-gotten gains anyway, regardless of how it was acquired...
    Hi Kao,

    Yikes! I was joking!!!

    My point is that the whole etiquette thing can be pointlessly intricate, tedious, and taken wayyyy too far. The spirit of the law vs. the letter of it, and all.

    Personally, I don't really care how you eat your bread, as long as you don't talk with your mouth full and spit it out on me. I certainly would not beat you, and neither would Miss Manners. Mistress Camille on the other hand... But excuse me, no, she would just give you the ol' stink-eye and then talk about you behind your back. Oh yes, and surely use your pilfered toilet paper, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisaree
    They showed Shandi eating with her elbows on the table. I don't know how Shandi was raised but it's common knowledge (or at least I thought it was)that it's rude to have your elbows on the table while's okay to do it "between courses", as you mentioned. I'm sorry that you were forced to eat caviar as a kid (which is quite an extreme example) but it is indeed rude to tell a host that you hate their food. These things are common respect...not fluid.

    As far as Camille "batting people over the head" about etiqutte, you must have missed that part of the show as well. At no point did she confront them directly about their manners. She stated her opinion during an could hear her voice while they were showing the film of them at the restaraunt. Just curious, what rule does STEALING toilet paper fall under? Is that "sometimes" okay too?
    Well of course it's rude to tell your host that you dislike your food. That is a matter of simple good manners. Again, manners as distinguished from etiquette, underlying principles (like courtesy, consideration and respect) rather than rules, the spirit of the law, not the letter of it. And underlying would imply stable, common, not fluid.

    When responding to KAO as below:
    "then is it okay to steal toilet paper at the nieghborhood pancake joint? is it okay to do it anywhere as long as it's not obvious, or not caught on camera? personally, i think the transgression is in the stealing, not in the subtlety or brazenness of it, or the calibre of the restaurant."

    You will note that I stated, "I think the transgression is IN the STEALING". In asking "THEN is it okay to toilet paper..." in those other instances, I had hoped to make it clear that I do not think it is, but to ask if KAO does. Perhaps this was unclear.

    As to Camille batting people over the head about etiquette - it makes me think of the story about the hostess who, when a guest who had never seen a finger bowl before drank its contents, proceeded to drink her own as well. Just as this gracious lady didn't point out her guest's faux pas to his face, I don't imagine that she then insulted, talked or laughed about him later, behind his back, to everyone else.

    Camille's actions speak to a lousy and very ungracious attitude (which for me, makes a person ugly), and what she did was in bad form. Just my opinion, which anyone can disagree with. No, she didn't have to join them, but if saying anything about what they did was important enough to say at all, then it was important enough to say to the other girls, or to the restaurant management. Again, I do not believe that she cared at all about what they did, right or wrong, good manners or bad. She was concerned about how it might reflect on her, good or bad. And her response, and as I saw it on the show, was a snipey and bitchy attempt to turn around and make herself look superior to everyone else. Of ciurse, this is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    I'm wondering what catergory using stolen toilet paper after you went on TV and said talked about the person that did it falls under. If she wanted to make a point she should have said "Yoanna, don't do's kinda not on. I'll buy some later." But nooooo....she let the poor child pilfer the paper, talked about her and then used it later on....
    I agree with you KAO. And the quotes you made up for the judges are great, especially the Janice one (maybe I will move on to that thread).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Positum
    yeah, the "futuristic" makeup reminded me also of that at a would-be 5 year old's face painting extravaganza birthday party.
    Her futuristic make-up was very childish and very sad. She obviously knew it, too. I could almost have felt sorry for her...

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    Hi, Libra!

    Sorry about that, sometimes you can't tell the tone when you're reading something online. ^_^

    My whole point about Camille is that you shouldn't say things behind people's backs that you won't say to their faces. To me that's tacky. That why I was happy to see her talking to Catie about using her salad stuff for Yohanna rather than just saying nothing and then yapping about it later. To me, approaching someone that you have issues with (in a nice way) rather than talking about them is always a good plan that stops a lot of drama cold.

    As for the whole paper thing...well, yes, it is wrong to steal, period. But toilet paper...well, I think that Yoanna did that to be silly. If I were working in a restaurant and someone stole some toilet paper, I think I would feel so sorry for them I'd just let them be because obviously they needed it, lol. That's like someone who looks hungry getting busted for stealing some sandwich meat and know it's wrong, but you feel a bit more sympathy for someone stealing necessities like a bit of food, toilet paper, Kotex, etc than someone housing gold and jewelry out of Bloomingdales.

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    camille has great communication skills- talking behind someones back and not adressing the problem, but discussing it with others is a flight behaviour... speech class taught me a few things

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra4
    You will note that I stated, "I think the transgression is IN the STEALING". In asking "THEN is it okay to toilet paper..." in those other instances, I had hoped to make it clear that I do not think it is, but to ask if KAO does. Perhaps this was unclear.
    I read all of your responses to Kao, including the one I responded to. I completely understand what you're saying but I disagree with it.

    My response to you is what I said to Kao:

    "Had I been in her [Camille's] position I'm not sure I would have said anything to them either...I probably would have been too embarrassed to say something myself, especially if I didn't know them very well. There are many posibilities as to why she didn't stop them. But if you'd like to conclude that she did it out of bitchiness you are entitled to that (of course). After all, most people on this board share your's like a snowball effect around here"

    At this point it's non debatable. You have your opinion on the matter and I have attempted to show you and Kao (through my own experiences) that there are other posibilities as to why Camille didn't step in and FORCE them to be ladies (sorry she wasn't babysitting). If she spoke about it afterwards, so what? BIG DEAL. I truly wonder how many of you would sit through something like that and have NOTHING to say about it the next day...
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