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Thread: Jenascia Chakos

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    Emily 16
    If that "jenasciawashere" person really is Jenascia thats wicked awsome, but if its not then that sucks-ass. whatever. If you really are Jenascia, do you have a brother?

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    no brother, one little sister

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    To Jenascia

    Don't give up on stardom Jenascia.

    You're gorgeous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenasciawashere
    i was here. i come here a lot, but this is my first time posting anything. ooh! this is so exciting, it's got to be a sin. and by the way, i do not have a short complex, i'm just glad something made me stand out. oh, and in case you were curious, i stand up straight now because after seeing it on tv i finally see what they were talking about. can you say hunchback? whoa. well, i'm glad i got to pull a mister rogers and take time to share my thoughts, but now i'm going to go home and play on my slip n slide. hasta la buh-bye!
    Hooters is a family place right? im in West Seattle yo. So did you get any post jobs related to the show?

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    Emily 16
    I agree with "medalwinner", don't give up! We love you and want to see more of you!

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    Jenascia, i have arisen from the grave to say that you were one of the most gorgeous females on reality tv. hell, you were the only reason i watched the show, otherwise i would not have cared. anyway, it sucked that you had to get eliminated so soon. you should have been on longer.

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    Jenascia I think your costume was one of the best in the first episode. Any updates?

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    Oh I Forgot The Pic

    Look At Her ShE IS Soo Amazing!!

    Last edited by fluff; 08-29-2004 at 07:22 PM.

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    Aww.. that picture would look really nice if she was smiling though....

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    Justa Guy Spike's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    If you look at her side theres somShirt on the left ething... Holding something up.. i think hehe

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