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Thread: Jenascia Chakos

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    I thought she was funny and someone I could hang out with. I didnt think she looked like a model though not just because of her height but also her facial features.

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    does anyone here kno how to pronounce her last name??? YES I KNO...i suck at these things....but newayz, it it pronouced:
    -->chAH-kos OR
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    Quote Originally Posted by hyperprincess
    does anyone here kno how to pronounce her last name??? YES I KNO...i suck at these things....but newayz, it it pronouced:
    -->chAH-kos OR
    That's what I wanna know!

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    I've always said Chalk-kose

    But then again, I also pronounced Kesse Kess-ee.

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    Emily 16
    I have always said "Chah-kos" but I'm not too sure. Also, I agree with caramelbeauty81. Jenascia was cool and reminded me a lot of myself, immature, but funny. I really liked her, but wasn't meant to by a model and I'm not just saying this becuase of her height. I thought that she didn't seem to want it that badly. I really liked her and she was my favourite

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    jenascia is pretty but she aint the prettiest! i liked her attitude on the sho but she can be a straight ^ biotch!!!!!!! i talked 2 her on da fone she cursed out my friend ( i laughed!) but she was koo 2 me! o well she aight she koo.

    H O L L A ~1~undefined

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    Emily 16
    I dont believe that Jenascia was being that much of a bitch. everyone has times when something really gets to them and they just can't take it anymore and blow up. we all do it. also, we didnt get to see everything maybe before the shoot something else happened or she was just having a bad day. We don't know the whole story so we can't really judge it.
    I'm really, really, going to miss her. I love you Jenascia!
    You talked to her on the phone, sexydrmami? that's so cool! I would love to meet her or talk to her and I would go to Hooters or whatever if I lived closer, but I live in Canada. Oh well...Love you Jenascia. You were the coolest girl on the show and I'll miss you. Hahaha and i really like the "surfing the crimson waves" comment. That's one of my favourite sayings.

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    Dunno if this has been posted, but...

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    Ha. Those must be some bigass heels Jenascia is wearing.
    And I like how Mercedes always strikes a pose even in informal shots, as all models should.

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    Im pretty sure Jenascia is only an inch shorter than Mercedes.
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