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Thread: Jenascia Chakos

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    I saw that commercial last night. They had like two different ones. They were saying "Come here and get Jenascia off this seat"
    I need to go there soon.
    I don't think she looks like a
    Of course she has to have her boobs popped up

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    she has a "what the hell am i doing?" look on her face

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    Why is Jenacia too short?

    Janice kept talking about how Jenacia was too short but just drooled over Mercedes. In their bios, it says Mercedes is one inch taller than Jenacia but in this picture, Jenacia looks taller than Mercedes. How is it that Mercedes made it into the top 2? Any ideas?
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    They said she is a little short. If she was TOO short then she wouldn't have made it on the show. That is even though Tyra said she likes different.

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    Mercedes never appeared particularly short until it was down to the final three and she stood next to Yoanna and Shandi. Yes, she's 5'8", but she holds her height well. She appears slender and fairly long-limbed (I know Stephen Fairchild said her legs were short, but I don't see it)... while Jenasica just looks short. No offence!

    Mercedes made it into the top two because she has lots of nice qualities that make up for her height.

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    Jenasica was on my top three. But she always seemed to slouch. which made her look 5'7".
    and she never seemed to walk confident. She had the homegirl walk while Sara had the homegirl talk. She never really made that transformation from homewalk to high fashion walk

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    stephen fairchild was a punk.

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    Mercedes gave/had that "extra something" that made the judges overlook her height, and as Salome said, she carried herself more like a taller person.
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    I heard Jenascia had an attitude too. Which costed her to be eliminated. Is that true? Does it mean you have to smooch Tyra's arse to win?

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    hehe....I Wish That the final two would Be JENASCIA and SARA because they were both one of the girls that showed spunk and appeal all the way that they were there...Catie, I'm sorry to say...looked like she wasn't going to make it too far because she was WAY too sensitive in my opinion and she wasn't model material.....Jenascia and her should have switched places for elimination...

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