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Thread: April Wilkner

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    of course April won for best actor cuz she's had to put on one helluva act to pretend to like those hideous bangs on her head, poor girl. If the bangs are so edgy, why is it that most (if not all) of her shots are of her w/ the bangs slicked back.
    her lack of commitment to her asian roots bugged me a little, but after reading some of the later posts by her "friends", i can let it go. i'm starting to like her again. She just needs to smile and act fakey to win the judges over (especially that evil janice chick)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike
    April Might not be totally asian.... But she sure the hell eats like one! lol
    To what does this refer?

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    No I'm pretty sure no one was bashing April. My response was to anyone doubting who I am, not those debating April's tv persona. A response to someone suggesting that I WAS April, posting to pat myself on the back. This just seems a bit far-fetched for me, but hey - whatever floats your boat.

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    April gets more beatiful everyweek kkeke. I love her! Hope she wins
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    I think April's the most fresh-faced, versatile, and uniquely beautiful one of the group. Her face (and fab body) is something that really catches your attention. At the beginning I didn't know what to think of her, but theres this strange beauty she exudes thats really special and hard to ignore. Also she has a good disposition. Some of them just don't sound too bright when the make all that noise they call talking. It really says alot about her character. With the others you could easily say "o I know someone that looks just like her". Everyone else looks common to me. I always thopught yoanna was pretty but as the shows went on she's starting to be a "one-look pony", so is sarah. I could see people getting tired of seeing her face everywhere if she won. Shandi? hmmm the judges really see something in her and I think she's gonna be around for a while. Camille has a pretty features like yoanna and sarah but theyre not anything amazing. She's certainly no Tyra Banks. Her attitude is really crappy and stupid-even more stupid bc she lets america see it. I don't know If I'd ever want to buy anything she was selling. And that other girl really does look a little too "Model's Sporting Goods", like that facelifted-til my eyebrows-couldn't-take-it-anymore/look at my boobs in this lowcut dress cuz i just had them wrinkled out" judge said at the beggining of the series. So all in all I think April or shandi.

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    way delayed but in the 5th episode, that psychic said that april would be the top model and seriously im feeling like this is true...

    but then one can argue wether she was real or not and if the producers put that in there to throw us off or something but from the evidence i gathered ( ) ... shes the winner

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    geezus, there are some people who will never be pleased. first its that april is "too analytical", and then when she does get the romance and emotions thing down, now she's an "overachiever". think about it though, she takes the best photos, is an extrmely hard worker who is driven, i don't see why she wouldn't/shouldn't win ANTM.

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    I know. Some people can never be satisfied.

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    I'm confused why the judges think she doesn't show emotion. HELLO? April shows the most emotion out of ALL of those girls.

    When they are told their photo shoot/challege for the day, who is the first one to appear OBVIOUSLY joyful? April. You can see her in the group of girls with her mouth all open and her eyes all wide in an "awe!!" expression.
    And then when she won the jewelry shopping spree, she looked like she might die of happiness!
    When the judges critique her, she has a serious face on and nods her head kind of like, "Uh huh... I get what you're saying.... yes..."
    And then during the acting exercise, April was bawling her eyes out and when she tore up that paper? She was MURDERING that piece of paper!

    April definately shows the most emotion. Don't have a CLUE where people get she doesn't show enough emotion from.

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    in a good place

    Just checking the androgeny comment. Nah, not a match.
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