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Thread: April Wilkner

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    ok, no problem, it's here.

    1. Of or relating to analysis or analytics.
    2. Dividing into elemental parts or basic principles.
    3. Reasoning or acting from a perception of the parts and interrelations of a subject: “Many of the most serious pianists have turned toward more analytic playing, with a renewed focus on the architecture and ideas of music” (Annalyn Swan).
    4. Expert in or using analysis, especially in thinking: an analytic mind; an analytic approach. See Synonyms at logical.
    5. Logic. Following necessarily; tautologous: an analytic truth.
    6. Mathematics.
    a-Using, subjected to, or capable of being subjected to a methodology involving algebra or other methods of mathematical analysis.
    b-Proving a known truth by reasoning from that which is to be proved.
    7. Linguistics. Expressing a grammatical category by using two or more words instead of an inflected form.
    8. Psychoanalytic.

    I thought you might be asking something deeper or something. is always a good site to look it up.

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    I must say. April looks HOT in hot colored clothes. hehe they do a good job picking it out. I just hope they don't over do it by having her wear hot colors every photo shoot. I want them to put her in a different stuff

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    I don't see why April being an organized, pleasant, non-catty person makes her such a "cold", "not romantic", "analytical" (and all the other bogus descriptions they are coming up with during the judging) person. "Analytical" isn't a fault!

    How about the fact that she can be relied on to show up on time, give it as much as she can, and has delivered some of the best photo shoots so far?

    With people like Tyra & Janice being sensitive to the charge that models don't have a brain, why are they treating this girl's intelligence and competence so shoddily?

    Go April!
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrysanthemum
    bostonchick and balloon, I know April as well, and I wanted to come in here and set the record straight regarding last night's race issue.

    April is unbelievably aware and proud of her heritage, and BOTH of her parents. She is amazingly family oriented, and well versed in all things cultural. What she meant last night about not being intuned with her Asian roots meant that she wasn't only raised as either one race or the other. She was raised as a woman blessed with many heritages from which to be proud of. Her mother taught her to never neglect either one. That, my friends, is TRUE pride. Asking her to choose is ludicrous, unfair, and a moot point in the show. She was chosen for her beauty, her body, and her personality. Suddenly, the "you must check a race" box has been thrown at her. And for what?

    As someone who doesn't see the need to exploit one or the other, she is content to embrace both cultures, and I for one, am appreciative of that. There are more people than the world can imagine that are not "pure blood" of any sort. Everyone, nowadays, is a mix of something. Why should it be essential that we choose? April is beautiful, black, brown, red, yellow, or blue. The race card, to me, is null and void.

    Thank you, thank you. Why the H*&^% should April be accused of not being comfortable in her own skin because she refuses to feed America's race obsession by playing identity politics? Good for her!

    BTW, they should have had her do Merle Oberon instead of CZ-J. Would have been fabulous. Although she was fabulous anyway, as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    Hey, what does analytical mean?
    In the context of this show, it apparently means "intelligent college graduate." Or perhaps "gives evidence of having an intellectual life."

    But seriously, April is obviously an intelligent, thinking individual--in great contrast to her housemates, as nice as many of them are. Her style is to think before she speaks and make sense when she does. She's not flamboyant, egomaniacal, histrionic, or horribly insecure. She had an actual adult job with career potential going before the show. She may not be terribly analytical in comparison to her normal peer group, but in comparison to her fellow competitors, she's a rocket scientist.

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    nyc_star et al, no, no, no, it's not April. I promise. There's no chance in hell of me ever qualifying to model, I can assure you. I'm a friend, actually, and I've never felt compelled enough to write in and defend her until last night, when the editing was just so insane.

    But thank you, I think, for calling me analytical.
    I'm not so much analytical as I am obsessive with mastering the delectable art of right and wrong, and that episode, my friends, was just WRONG.

    Plus, just to refute more of your points, I have been aware of this site for quite some time. I am a Survivor fanatic, by the by.

    A bunch of us folks who know April felt compelled to defend her good name. I haven't spoken to her about it, nor, I'm sure, have they, but I felt that this was a good time to bust out the, "but hey, I knew her when," card, and I'm sure they did to.
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    ops, sorry, Chrysanthemum. Yeah, that was really analytical. Then, now I got what you mean by your previous post, and thanks for clearfying it to us.

    by the way, I really like this white face you used,, after all this time, I didn't really realize it was one of the selections we can use till now..

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    Yes, that face is the horribly embarassed, "Seriously, guys, I spend my life on reading all of the latest television gossip," face.

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    not april

    No, I am most definitely not april. I know it is tough to beleive that people on televeision could have lives and friends, but it is possible.

    Ok sorry for the sarcasm, but honestly, i beleive all the commentaries given here by those who know her. I'm sorry, but April is just a great person. No two ways about it. I dont watch the show because quite frankly, I dont have time - I just check these boards once a week to see how she is doing on the show. Like I said, I havent spoken to April since we parted ways after high school, but I hope she wins ANTM and even if she doesnt, she will go very far in life. I dont think I have ever met anyone who did not like april, and that is the gods honest truth.

    Im a cynical, sarcastic bitch who has absolutely no use for catty bimbo models and eve I have to say that April just doesnt have a bad bone in her body. Take it for what its worth.

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