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Thread: Kesse —*My favorite Top Model

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    Kesse —*My favorite Top Model

    Hello Kesse Fans,

    Here’s my latest update on MY favorite top model. Kesse recently was back in North Little Rock for her first visit since she left for the Big Apple. Last night, we hung out for some girl time before she headed back today. We met a group of our friends (her original fans) and our kids at Chili’s, and we turned the place out! She was so gracious posing for pictures with the other customers and signing autographs. Then she called Robin and told her hello from all of us. She hasn’t talked to Shannon in a while, but said she’s also doing well in the business. The best part of the night was the impromptu "model walk" competition that was held right outside the restaurant! It was the funniest thing. Women, young and old, were lined up to strut their stuff. Incredible! You’ll be happy to know that life in the city has not changed Kesse at all — she’s still crazy! And man, what a walk! I am saying it right now and you can mark my word, she is going to rule the runway — SOON! Let me just say again how proud I am of her. She just grew up so fast . . . (Excuse me, I’m having a melancholy moment) OK, it’s over!

    Kesse looks incredible and shared lots of stories about the "real" top model world. She said she has not met anyone as critical as Janice D. In fact, she said most of the clients she has gone to see have been super nice and have given her tips and advice on how to succeed. Look for her photos in at least three upcoming magazines — I forgot to ask her if it’s OK to tell you all the magazine names, but I will say that she’s doing one of them with Tyra! Yes! I think it’s going to be a mentor/ protégé angle. (I’ll let you know soon.)

    She still lives in a model’s apartment and she says she and all the other girls get along great. (Sorry, no cat fights, calculated nastiness or in-your-face meanness. A lot of that was in the editing.) Although, the stress of five girls and one bathroom is very real! She said on a typical day she’s up early and on her way to the go-sees her agents have for her. The go-sees are sometimes no more than 2 or 3 minutes! Literally. Kesse goes in, they look at her book and she’s out the door. No wonder Tyra could do so many in one day!

    Kesse is with a couple of smaller agencies, which she likes because she gets more personal attention. Her real coup, though, is having an awesome manager, Abby Z., who also is an incredible designer. Thanks, Abby!

    Like most models, she also has a "pay-the-rent-for-now" job. So if you’re in Manhattan at one of those swanky restaurants, you just might look and see her dazzling smile greeting you!

    Sure, we miss her here on the north side of La Petite Roche, (er, excuse my French!) but we are proud of Kesse, and we continue to wish her all the best.

    Kesse sends her love and thanks to all of you who have supported.

    Delta Sigma Theta forever.
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    Thanks for the update, kzsgodmom! I love to read them. I wish her all the best - she really deserves it.
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    hey kesse's god mom

    Thank you from me too, Adrianne has always told me good things about Kesse, tell her Adrianne's cousin says hi for me, and give her my site,

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    Thanks Hepcat and Mattio! I will certainly pass on your good wishes.

    Mattio, Kesse told me she bumped in to Adrianne at a go see a few months back. She has always had great things to say about Adrianne as well. But she dosen't get to see the other girls too often and when she does, it's usually because she's run into them at a go see or on the street of NYC.

    Wouldn't it be great if ATM did a "where-are-they-now" before the new season starts?!?!? It would add another layer of reality/validity/credibility to what the show was trying to accomplish — to produce real Top Models. Maybe ATM reads FORT . . .

    At any rate, I'm looking forward to the new season. It will be a relief to watch without biting my nails.

    Mattio, please relay my love and best wishes to Adrianne. She was my SECOND favorite!


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    Thats a great idea!!

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    Kesse and the rest

    I am very happy for Kesse. I know she as well as the others are working their tails off, more than they did on the show. Reality is now and happening for them. They are seeing the real, good, bad, and ugly of the business I am sure. But it is a learning experience for them all. I liked Kesse too! Thought she had the sweetest personality as well as Shannon. I am waiting for Adrianne to come back home... beleive me I miss her much. My heart is in New York with her or any of her travels...
    Work your azz off Adrianne and show them what your made of! I wish all of them the best of luck after this show. It took a lot of guts, grit, and determination to get on that tube and be subjected to that world 24/7 and the aftermath. It's a tough world out their girls! You have to deal with actresses getting covers and such of magazines, Cosmetic Ads, Clothes, and Etc. I agree with Janice Dickinson it is now time to take it back the crown. SUPERMODELS! All of you with the contracts have that ability to do it I see it. Work hard and don't take no for an answer. Break them down! The walls! Someday soon you may work together and strive like we saw to get it done. It is harder work than most know.
    Love Ya,
    Miss Curry

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