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Thread: Kesse Hits the Runway for Fashion Week

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    Kesse Hits the Runway for Fashion Week

    Hi all!

    Hereís a Kesse Update:

    Kesse LOVES the Big Apple and it loves her right back (although we miss her so much back here in North Little Rock.) So far, "the industry" has really embraced her and she has lots of great things lined up.

    She was strutting her stuff in Francis Hendyís runway show on Tuesday (9/16). I havenít talked to her yet, to find out how the show went, but knowing her, she was a knockout!

    She has a four-page photo spread in the upcoming issue of "Complex Magazine." Sheís seen a preview copy, but it may not be on the shelves in your area until the week of the Sept. 23rd. Also, Kesse has several photos in "Body," which is an industry trade publication, so it wonít be available for the public. Sorry. . .

    There are a couple of other exciting things that I may be able to share in a few weeks!! But I will say this . . . look for Kesse in a video that features one of NYC top hip-hop music moguls . . . . (hint, hint). BET was there when the video was being made, and they asked her to do a promo for it. So look for that, too!

    Thank you for all your support, love and well wishes. I check here often to keep Kesse updated on what her REAL FANS are saying about her. So if you have a message, Iíll pass it on to her.

    Delta Sigma Theta till we die.
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    Wow, thanks for the update! I'll look for the Hendy show when it gets online. Sounds like Kesse is on to great things!
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    so is there a link of where i can watch theses? any links for any of this? i want to see them. So did you watch the fashion show in person? i didnt see any in person but watched them on my computer

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