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Thread: Derek The Stylist

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    Derek The Stylist

    Remember him? Derek Khan the Fabulous Black Gay Stylist that everyone called Miss Derek? Everyone loved him, he was almost (ALMOST!) as fierce as Miss Jay Alexander herself?

    He was arrested for hocking about $3 million worth of jewels he got donated to him by major NY and LA jewelers for his 'clients' (some of whom -- Nicole Kidman, Queen Noor of Jordan, etc. -- weren't even his clients) and pawning them off for cash. A judge here in NYC just sentenced him to 1.5 to 3 years in jail.

    Turns out, several of the pieces he tole and hocked were diamond pieces Tyra wore on the show. Several necklaces, few pairs of earrings, etc. Most of the pieces have been recovered, however a few are still out there on the market.

    Wonder if he'll look as good in stripes as he did in animal print...

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    thats nuts

    thats crazy

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