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Thread: I met Adrianne Curry

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    I met Adrianne Curry

    I was in LA this past weekend w/my family. We were checking in the Sheraton Universal Hotel (next to Universal Studios) on August 2nd. There was a long line waiting to check in and there were these people who think they can just cut everybody to check in. So, my mom was saying things like those people who cut are so rude and a girl in front of us was saying to us like "I know, welcome to LA" jokingly. Checking in was taking forever and the same girl in front of us was like "I'm just getting a package, I won't take that long" and we're like oh, ok. So she gets her package and leaves. Then a lady comes up to us saying "Do you know who that was" and we're like umm.. no, don't think so. And she goes, that was the winner from America's Next Top Model. I knew she had looked familiar, but I wasn't sure. So, we were like wow, how cool. I saw once more when I was waiting outside the hotel and she was walking w/a friend to the hotel.

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    She is cool. If that friend was a boy, its her boyfriend. My cousins cool.

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