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Thread: Tyra gives update

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    Tyra gives update

    MODEL WATCH: Tyra Updates on Adrianne Et. Al
    Weep not for Shannon, Elyse, Robin and Kesse, all you fans of "America's Next Top Model." Producer Tyra Banks updates this column, reporting that "all the last five girls got signed by modeling agencies" after her hit reality show concluded.
    Winner Adrianne has come away with not only her guaranteed Revlon contract, but "the diamond shoot she did during the show -- they also gave her a contract."

    So where are they? "It takes about three or four months for all the photo shoots to come out, so it'll still be awhile before you start to see them," explains Banks. "Even though the girls knew who had won four months before the public did, they couldn't take any assignments until after the show finished airing."

    Their success "makes me proud," says Tyra. "People kept telling me at the beginning, 'You're not going to find people who look like real models 18 and over. They've already been signed. You'll get people who look like Tropicana or Playboy models,'" she says with a laugh. "But we got true, legitimate girls who got signed. I'm sure others (among the contenders) did too, but I don't keep in touch with them as much as with the final five."

    Banks -- who's alredy being inudated with tapes and applications for the next edition of her show -- says it was difficult for her to dismiss the girls, loser by loser, "especially because I can relate to them. I know that people still sit around tables making decisions about whether to use me or not, talking about me the same way the judges talked about the girls on the show: 'She too this, she's not enough that.' It's very difficult."

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    Tyra, please start walking the runway again. Naomi, liya , Oluchi are not enough. You've got the clout to break down some more barriers. The fact that Beverly and Naomi are the only two sistas to grace the cover of vouge ALONE, speaks volumes. Even several of your vougue and sports illustrated covers had to be shared. Spring 2004 has already hit the runway. These editors lead the pack. They can make a change. But you women with the drawing power is the only tool they have. Talk to kiara, brandi,and some of the other girls who got national campaignes. They've got a proven track record. Please. I'm sick of not
    seeing my own sister represented in the fashion press.

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    Thanks for the update Jen, I've been wondering about the models

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    I'm so glad I ran across this thread. I've been wondering about the girls. Anyone have any idea as to when the next ANTM will air?

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    Breathless, I saw something (can't find it now) that said it should air during November sweeps.

    They had fashion week in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and I can't help but wonder if the finalists got to participate (or pseudo-participate like last time).
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    I'm looking forward to the next show. I just hope they can find some more great people like the ones on the first show. I loved Elyse and Adrienne.

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    So when does the next season start? i want to see if its just as good as season one.
    i mean it seems they covered all the tests already.
    but if they just replicate season one with new faces it would seem like it would be boring
    and what do you think they will do about the final test?
    do a REAL fashion show?
    or like make thier own clothing line or what?

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