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Thread: Printing Pictures and getting AutoGraphs

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    Printing Pictures and getting AutoGraphs

    Does anyone think that is ok to print pictures and get autographs. With Photo Paper. Is that Legal? Cause i wanna meet Tyra since she is coming to Seattle. I dont want her telling me "oh i cant sign this. or something like that. Or is there a Magazine she is in currently that i can buy?

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    I've often printed pictures or made picture montages to have them signed by celebrities & have never had a problem with it As long as it's for your personal use & not to sell, I'm sure it's fine. Just have them sign it to you personally to remove any doubt that you're thinking of re-selling it

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    Hi Wyndemere, I was just noticing that your signature quote states, "All those who wonder are not lost..." Isn't it "wander"? Just curious. I'm a big fan of LOTR, too.

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