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Thread: Elyse Sewell's Explanation of Baby Phat Fashion Show

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    Elyse Sewell's Explanation of Baby Phat Fashion Show

    Hi Guys,

    To clear up everything about the Baby Phat Show, Elyse Sewell was interviewed in the Murray In The Morning Show. Here's the link:

    This also proves that it is indeed Elyse Sewell who replied in JenMKat's posting about the Baby Phat show. I cant believe that she and Adrianne really found time to reply on this site. Elyse's explanation in the radio show matches the one posted on JenMKat's thread. So there ya go!!! I hope everyone can sleep now.

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    Still haven't found out. Does anyone know the song that they played on the "fake" fashion show? If those who do not know which on eis the fashion show. It is the clip(s) they showed on Episode 8.

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    I don't have speakers on my computer here at work!!! Can anyone tell me what she said about the Baby Phat show? Thanks!

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