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Thread: Kesse is coming to bite the Big Apple!

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    Kesse is coming to bite the Big Apple!

    I want to confirm what Elyse has said about the Baby Phat show. Yes, each of the final 5 girls walked in a "mock" show. And let me tell you that Kesse tore the roof off the house. That girl has a killer walk! You havenít seen FIERCE until youíve seen her strut her stuff.

    Imagine her coming toward you popping with electricity and attitude and then just when youíre not sure if sheís vision come to take you down or an angel come to take you to heaven . . . POW! She smaks attitude all up in your face! Pick your face up. . . You can say what you want about Kesse, but donít let the smooth taste fool you. That woman is ready for whatever the industry has in store, and she deserves all the success that is falling on her.

    In fact, she was summoned back to NYC this week to meet agents and make some appearances. So Manhattan roll out the red carpet and take good care of my little one.

    Abby, Jay and J. thank you from all of us back home.

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    Good for her. She deserves a shot at being a model too. If not modeling, then maybe acting. If I remember correctly she did well on the commercial shoot.

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    So did anyone watch the real taping of the "Mock" show? I would like to see. So that i can judge for my self if Adrianne did deserve it. Even though i do. I just wanna watch it though

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