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Thread: Im selling a picture!

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    Im selling a picture!

    Ok I have an autographed picture of Adrianne of the Rebok photo shoot on very good printer paper. She has a arrow pointing to her boobs and her hand writing saying, "where are my kids?" then she signed on the right side of her body. Im gonna start the bid, you guys can bid on who wants it, then monday morning at 11pm, the bidding stops and the winner will email me, I will send them a scanned copy of the picture, so they know im not lieing, then they will send me the money and I will send the picture.

    Im gonna start the bid at $35

    And john if Im not aloud to do this, just tell me and lock it, and Ill move it over to my site, but if I can, THANKS A LOT MAN!

    starting at $35

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    Where are you selling this Matt?

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    Sounds like he wants you to either post in this thread, or PM him.

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    Hmmm welll

    Im not gonna buy it LOL

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