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Thread: Adrianne Curry here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by howardmarshal
    So if it is you, what are you doing now - I am sure your fans would love to know - and no I am not one of them.
    So why did you take the time to post that then? If you're really not a fan, why did you feel the need to tell her that? It's just a little uncalled for, I think.

    Anyway, guys, Matt Laker still hasn't responded yet, but all indications so far are that it is her. Hopefully he'll post here or let us know via adriancurryrox.


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    Adrianne, it's really cool to get a response from you here. Congratulations with winning the whole thing, it was amazing & I know you are & will be a lot of people's rolemodel after this. (Altho I'm sure you were a rolemodel even before you entered the competition as well, although in a less public way!

    I hope you're enjoying your new career, & good luck.
    And for god's sake, don't ever change :-D

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    this is great guys....all you people acting like I'm soo damn important I couldnt possibly be the one writing this sh*t! TYRA IS MY ANGEL, she is so down to earth...and really is a great human being...I love her to death...she saved my life...and my familys.....IluvRobin....thank s for the nice shout out...although your girl and I are like Bush and Bin Laden....that was nice of you. I will be doing TONS of sh*t for those of you who want to know...I cant say what they are...but I am moving to NEW YORK CITY on MONday! tHAT KIX ALL ASS! I hope I have time to post with all you bad asses on here! I DID VISIT THE LIZARD KING! I even stole rocks from his grave....lord (the real one!) forgive me! I love that man though.....My cousin Matt is dope.....a little turdburgler, but cool. I'm sure he will clear up the "is this Adrianne? Or some Physco stalker that wants to kill us all????" thang. Keep it real! Oh yes, ELYSE IS THE ABSOLUTE SH*T! She's gonna go far....and if ever she needs any help.....or a buddy to talk to...I'm her bitch. I always will be. ELYSE IS ONE OF THE COOLEST BROADS ON THIS EARTH! She may come across as a smart ass but she WILL grow out of that! She is very smart in her areas........but I bet she couldnt fight off people trying to jump her! Tha's where I come protect my lil bitch! Luv ya guys...and rememeber......if someone says you cant do something....tell them F*CK YOU, and LICK MY BALLS!

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    It just seems a little strange that Adri666C says the same stuff that's out there now in print and on radio interviews. Sometimes it's word for word ("Tyra is my angel") and sometimes it's regurgitated (wild feline facility).

    Adrianne, if this is you, it wouldn't hurt you to mention FORT in an interview so we know it's really you.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    you gave me my new favorite word: cha chas. I so said to my friend kim yesterday that i could see her cha chas.

    is it strange to see people talk about you like this? i know you probably have read press from journalists, but stuff like this, with real people (well, as real as letters on a computer will allow), must be quite entertaining.

    thanks for coming to our little place on the world.

    hey, when is the marie claire coming out?

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    Wow, you are moving here? for real?!! so cool! You said you love the city so much in the show, and called here the most beautiful city in the world (and Paris, too, !!hehe.) It's so nice and sweet that you chose to be a new yorker!! Don't forget an umbrella, it's been raining a lot lately... I broke 2 umbrellas this week already... (well, I didn't treat them well, I guess...)

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    Hi Adrianne! Just wanted to say, you're one my fav. role models! Yeah! Promise me ye gonna make it far! U rock girl! Now go kick some f***in ass!
    I knew you would win!

    P.S. Is Robin still a prude?

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    Hmm... Will the real Adrianne plz stand up, plz stand up, plz stand up.

    If it is the real "you" Giselle was told to send you an email. Because you sent her one, but she is tres swamped, and well by now you know how "G" works. (dunno if that is kool with you or not, I let Mattio put it up when his Geocities banned him for excessive bandwidth)

    PS, Jason Mewes is kool, my buddy used him in a short film for Dreamworks, you should check it out on iFilm. I have producer credits buried in there somewhere. Hot Rush on iFilm
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    Yeesh, take that personal (i.e. doesn't concern anyone but the recipient) stuff to private messaging. Just click "PM" under someone's post.

    Jason Mewes is a heroin addict who is facing legal troubles. I fail to see how that makes him "kool".

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Yeesh, take that personal (i.e. doesn't concern anyone but the recipient) stuff to private messaging. Just click "PM" under someone's post.

    Jason Mewes is a heroin addict who is facing legal troubles. I fail to see how that makes him "kool".
    Did and done.

    As far as kool, I never said he was a role model, during the filming of the short we screwed around alot and had some fun on the backlot. Besides a few people here mentioned him.

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