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Thread: Adrianne Curry here!

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    are you really Adrianne ..
    if so , i feel very happy...
    i'm your fans from macau (in China)
    i see your competition on tv and i think that it's great.......

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    hi adrainne!

    Hi Adrianne.
    I watched you win just last week, what with living in the UK and all. Although, I did cheat and knew that you had won cos of the America's Next Top Model website! ha ha.

    I'm glad you won, congratulations!!

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    The sign on the back of the bus, say critters of Hollywood. you dumb f*ck.

    Adrianne's awesome! Jay and silent Bob rock my block. "Dude I think i just filled the cup." Do you get free refills with that" We should totally hang out Adrianne if your ever back in Chicago! We can quote movies all day long. Have you ever seen Don't be a Menace? or License to Drive? Sweet. Hope you read these soon!

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    Adrianne u rock! I love you! If this really is u... WELL DONE! THE FINAL WAS JUST ON 2 DAYS AGO IN NEW ZEALAND AND I WAS ROOTIN FOR U! KEEP UP THE SPUNK!

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    for anybody who is looking for adrianne

    for anybody that is looking for responses from her, you wont find it here, so just move on over to the site i run for her

    Adrianne Curry Express

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