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Thread: The Elyse Conspiracy

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    The Elyse Conspiracy

    I believe that the judges and Tyra plotted to intentionally eliminate Elyse.

    Suspicious Things:

    --ANTM has a finale episode and it's only a single hour. Very strange given that every show I've ever seen has a two hour finale (or at least a 90 minute). Something seemed very odd about the structure of the final episode. It seemed like the first 30 minutes was from a full hour episode that got 40 minutes edited out. Why did this happen? In every other show, the eliminations get more drawn out to build suspense. They don't get closer together.

    --Elyse was falling asleep with the modelling agency guy. Riiight. I don't buy it. Did anyone see her asleep? I saw a slo-mo of Elyse blinking. She was clearly bored, given that the guy was explaining something so basic. Elyse had already ace'd the "go-see" process in Paris. Wouldn't you be bored if some guy was explaining that you needed to be friendly on your go see? What exactly was the point of that whole section? Where was the entire section showing the models visiting agencies in NY? Wasn't that the point of that section. In the 2nd 30 minutes we learn that they're going to model for Baby Phat. This didn't match the original set-up at the top of the hour.

    --Elyse was elminated, despite kicking ass over the entire series. Agencies, judges and photographers consistently said that Elyse was the only one who they'd send out right now. So how, after all that, do they allow Shannon to remain in competition.

    --Shannon--where do you start with this one? First, she would have been fired by her agency had she arrived at a semi-nude shoot and decided "I don't feel like doing this." I'm not sure how the judges can forgive her for this. Plus in the other photoshoots, she looked as animated and sexy as a two-by-four.

    --Judges consistently said that Shannon couldn't possibly make it in the industry, except in the narrow sector of pop modelling. Clearly they were looking for more in all the other judging sessions. THEN in the final episode, they're suddenly all about the pop-modelling. What happened to high fashion, Paris, close-ups, etc?

    --How could the judges possibly say that Shannon would be better than Elyse on the Tonight Show? Shannon's a piece of friggin plexiglass: you only see the people around her. She has no personality whatsoever and it clearly showed when she suddenly morphed in to Mini-Adrianne after that hypocritical wench Robin got booted and Shannon could come out from her shadow. Shannon is just a young girl who's very naive and immature, so she's not a bad person. She's just hasn't ever done anything what exactly would the judges expect Shannon to talk about.

    So, what's my theory...?

    Elyse and Tyra (or any producer) have a conversation about what she's going to do if she wins the competition. Elyse indicates that she'll basically do the minimum required and then she's going back to medical school, as she's always said. Tyra and the producers freak out that someone could possibly not want to spend their life in the modelling industry and they hatch a scheme to eliminate her. They cram two episodes into one, eliminating whatever competition was supposed to happen between the three remaining women, because Elyse kicked ass and Shannon stunk up the joint. Eliminating Elyse after this would appear even worse. So they cut the competition segment and leave in the meeting with the modelling agency guy and concoct the story that she was falling asleep. (Note that they kept repeating only that specific occurence, but nothing else). They've made it appear that Elyse was flaking and Tyra says, we don't like your attitude (e.g. we don't like people smarter than us...the old refrain from the schoolyard). Production company cuts Elyse a big check to keep her mouth shut about the handling of the ending. Voila. Now it all makes more sense.

    No offense to Adrianne, as I thought she did a great job and really deserved to be in the final 2. The final 2 were supposed to be Elyse and Adrianne and then we'd have had a great competition.

    What do you think? Anyone else have anything else to add or want to dispute it? I welcome thoughts or comments.

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    personally, I thought Elyse was the best up until the last episode..She did admit that she was condescending and that was her know though, I have seen some shady stuff in my day so you never know..Tyra does like ratings

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    I actually watched a few episodes and Elyse and Adrianne were my "favorites" (or whatever)... I am short and somewhat stubby (compared to say, 5'10" 114lb. Elyse!) and have always adored that Amelie/gamine-type look with the pixie hair...if I could choose any look for myself that would be it-- not Nicole Kidman, not Tyra, not Cindy Crawford or Rebecca Romaijn-Stamos...I love Elyse's look...

    Honestly, by episode's end, I WAS impressed with Shannon...(hate her 1,000-watt toothy smile, though)...I was disappointed with Elyse's too-soon departure...I do think Elyse and Adrianne should have been the final two.

    I admire how bright Elyse is-- and can empathize with her attitude up to a point-- but she WAS condescending and that did translate into it seeming as if she really thought she was better than the other girls... I don't think it was malicious, but I did notice it and it did bother me...a bit... (especially with her whole atheist chant...which sort of sounded like a religion to me, the way she so condescendingly and emphatically repeated it...). That said, she was still my favorite.
    Her conversation with the judges was probably what sealed the deal-- she decided not to BS them, not give them the Miss America speech...models are not supreme beings, she talked about genetics and IS all about appearance (or mostly) and Tyra and the others are delusional if they think otherwise...but anyway...

    As much as I hate to admit it, Top Model is the best reality show since AI2.

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    It's all about ratings. This is reality tv, not reality.

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    The Elyse Conspiracy

    Aren't you at least concerned that in a show that bills itself as a competition where the best person wins, that the best person didn't make it into the final two. Reality TV or not, this affects whether people will buy this show as a contest. If the show was about Tyra picking her fave, a lot fewer people would have watched.


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    well, shannon did well in the runway....Elyse did not want it as much as Shannon and Adrienne and that was the difference...Now Elyse was the front runner until THIS Episode

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    I saw Elyse on Jimmy Kimmel Live and she was not ready for TV. She seemed nervous, talked about how she masturbated when thinking about her negative comments towards the others, and talked about how she didn't really want to be a model. She is a smart girl and I think she can probably do something better that she has passion towards, and I guess that is being a doctor. Don't think there was a conspiracy, she just didn't have what it takes to win.

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    I think her lack of enthusiam is what did her in. Someone posted earlier in this thread that she just couldn't fake it with the judges anymore. She basically let herself lose (subconsciously, maybe) because she knew it wasn't the life she was looking for.

    I doubt she is losing any sleep over it.

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    Definitely agreed. Elyse, was by far, my favorite on the show. But, as I said before in another post, being smart is not just about how much you've studied, it's about being aware. Elyse was a bit disappointing in the last episode. Not because she didn't pander to the judges, but because if you really want to win, you have to be smart about it.

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