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Thread: The Elyse Conspiracy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    That's why I hate people more charming than me. Hepcat, what you said about chatting up the boss at the coffee pot is so true. At least where I work! And I think it applied a bit to this competition as well. Shannon and Adrianne were able to be gregacious because it was 100% sincere. I think it helped them, especially in Adrianne's case.
    It took me years of watching what seemed like the least likely person get a promotion for me to figure this out. The skills that are best in advancing your career - being able to "sell" yourself, confidence, personability - aren't necessarily the same skills that make you good at a job.

    Mind you the 2 years I was a supervisor were horrible and I hated supervising so much I took it off my resume. But I agree with you - Shannon & Adrianne were completely sincere.

    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Some people have to remind themselves that it's okay to make themselves vulnerable by showing how much they care. Maybe Elyse is like that a little? She couldn't possibly have been as cool inside as she was on the outside. If she is that cool, I admire her for being so composed!
    I think you made a good point. We know from her "rant" there's some seething emotion in there...and no one likes to lose.
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    In reply to an earlier post on this thread, I'm not sure how Beau, the judge, could say that it looked like Shannon was copying what a model does rather than embody a model, or whatever. From Baudrillard, if you act like a crazy person on the street, who's to say that you're acting, and not really crazy? Shannon kicked ass, to borrow, Adrienne's phrase, on that runway and showed that she knew what it meant to be a model.

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    yea everything was pretty shady with them elimianating Elyse. Then they call her a know-it-all just beacause she explained how the more estrogen you have the more feminine you look. I'm 15 and I know that. It just shows they were looking for any little stupid thing that she does so they could blow it out of proportion and eliminate her. But I do agree that she really wasn't that enthusiastic about it

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    A little "reality" please...

    Just a little reminder... The show is named "America's Next Top Model"

    It's not named "Who Desperately, Really, Really Want's to be America's Next Top Model"

    Let's face it. Anyone entering this competition "wants it", at some level... whether or not they are willing to admit it. And, more importantly, a model's "wanting it" is, in fact, totally irrelevant.

    That irrelevance applies particularly to this reality show because the industry people who would hire a so-called "top model" are undeniably after "the goods", in the form of still or moving images, and they simply don't care what thought processes or misgivings a model goes through in order to deliver. The model is simply an actor and her method is her own responsibility.

    In this case, the one person who clearly met the industry's requirements (the show's "tests") was Elyse.

    It's amusing how some people compare the entertainment business to their own work squabbles or office pecking order. The truth is, even if a proven, money-making model happens to have a horrible personality, you can bet your baby fat that Kimora, Tyra and the rest of the gay mafia will have her stompin' down the runway in a heartbeat.

    However..... what the industry won't tolerate from any new artist is the immature behavior of Shannon at the nude shoot, and at her other overly-toothy insecure performances. It also wouldn't tolerate Adrienne's abysmal TV commercial performance, or her skipping appearances at important customers (the missed "go-sees"). By the way, Elyse aced all of her go-sees and the video director said he'd work with her "anytime" after her test. Sounds a little like she "wanted it" to me.

    If every artist who expressed angst about his or her work would simply quit, you'd see the population of working artists decline by 80%. Elyse has nothing on Van Gogh in the angst department, but were certainly talking about his pictures long after his runway days were over.

    Keep your eyes open for Elyse. She's had a taste. She'll find her way back to Paris...

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    Elyse was a homegirl - not too many people from NM make it on to reality shows. That was the only reason I tuned in in the first place.

    She has no business wasting her time in modeling. She graduated HS early, double-majored in college and graduated in three years, is strikingly beautiful and witty.

    ...Just shows the caliber of people from God's Favorite State.

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    Personally i think that since the Reality "secrets" are coming out. It is making people not wanna enter these shows since they might not win cause of lack of ratings. But then again since they taped it,they would not know if that person will get good ratings unless they are very drama like. I mean i still wanna enter some reality show in the future. But it still is in my mind that i might get kicked off not cause i was the best at what the show is about. But since i wasnt very drama like

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