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Thread: mediocre looking "models"

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I guess if Tyra wanted to show the world there's more to being a model than walking around in clothes and keeping your mouth shut, she succeeded.
    We certainly see that. Unfortunately, Elyse didn't and gave that awful answer at her last evaluation.

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    I would have to agree that I do *not* think that Kesse is fat... I really liked her, but I just couldn't see her as a model... I think she is very pretty as an average person, but not a model IMO... I wouldn't say that Robin is ugly, but I didn't find her anymore attractive than people that I see in every day life... I think most of the finalists had very strong looks, they were all just DIFFERENT types of looks... Robin was the only one that didn't fit IMO...she just seemed too average as far as looks go.. From watching the recap, Tessa left too early, I think she was stunning
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    It makes you wonder if Tessa is kicking herself and saying "stupid! stupid!" Why did she tell the judges that she didn't like wearing revealing clothing, and never even wore shorts if she could help it?

    It makes you wonder what Katie would have done if she had made it to Baby Phat. There was a fair amount of fur in the show, and she says she's a member of PETA. Maybe she would have snuck in a bucket of blood!
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    Quote Originally Posted by americanIdol
    i cant believe that these girls are in the running for anything. These were the most unattratcive women for a MODEL show I have ever seen.
    Most of them were attractive. Have you seen Karolina Kurkova or Erin O'Conner? They were all much prettier than those girls.

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