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Thread: Favorite moment from ANTM

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    In mail-order catalogs, they'll show those massagers where the lady in the ad or on the box is holding it against her neck. But it's so obviously a vibrator that ... I wonder if they'd still do that if it were shaped like a penis.

    That would be funny crap.
    "Here you go, kids. This'll relax those neck muscles ... just rub it on there like this..."
    "But grandma, that looks like a giant wee-wee..."
    "George!! Stop that ... you're not supposed to *eat* it!"


    And we all know that Adrianne likes the Doors (eh...), and she told us on the mailing group that she likes NIN. I told her KMFDM was better, and she had a sort of "Don't make me kick your ass " kinda response. But she knows KMFDM, so that's always a good thing.

    That's right, THIS mailing group
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