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Thread: Favorite moment from ANTM

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    This is tough. It's kind of cheesy, but I liked it when Adrianne's mom said something about not believing she gave birth to such a beautiful human being. I thought that was really, really nice. And then, yeah: when Adrianne said having her mom there kicked ass...a lot of ass.

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    Favorite line

    Hmmm ... one more that must be added was when Adrianne told Elyse that if there IS a God up there, she thinks he's gonna kick Robin's ass.

    I'm a Christian, and Robin just TOTALLY pissed me off throughout that whole thing. I'm still surprised she lasted as long as she did. :\....
    Especially the way she was such a bitch to Elyse ... and wasn't very ... umm ... "fashionable" in my opinion anyway.

    Something else I thought was pretty funny was when Elyse was trying to explain estrogen levels to the judges ... and while I never heard of that, I knew what she was saying. Then all the judges started acting like she was talking rocket science/brain surgery on Jupiter stuff and told her she made them feel stupid. LOL!

    Anyway, a lot of you guys seem to think Adrianne is pretty cool. I think she totally kicks ass, so I joined a new Yahoo group that has just been made. We already have 20 members and some actual conversation going on. There were 2 other groups also made today, but they're not saying anything.

    Anyway, here's the URL so you can check it out:


    ...Oh yeah. And to the person who said they watched Adrianne's reaction at the very end over and over... Man, I'm just blown away every time I see that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Dish
    That is a funny one but it's JenMKat that made that clever joke!
    Oh. Ok. As JenMKat posted...

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    Deep Dish
    Personal trainer Jon Silverman making Robin squat against the wall for being late to the gym.

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    The bikini waxing. Giselle complaining that she had told everyone her whole life she would never get a bikini wax. That's a sad childhood. Then when she was on the table she sounded like she was having twins at least. (Didn't stop her from baring it on, did it?)
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    I loved the part when Ebony and Robin were getting into it and Ebony was rambling on and Robin started singing. The look on Ebony's face was so funny. I laughed just as much when they showed it on the recap Tuesday.

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    that was funny..Ebony's face was classic...singing is not Rob's strong suit..

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    Deep Dish
    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Then when she was on the table she sounded like she was having twins at least.
    Well put, hepcat!

    The way Ebony looked at the camera during Robin's ridiculously uncomfortable prayer circle.

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    The one moment where i like Robin...when Ebony was going off on one of her rants and Robin started mouthing along in the backround, doing the head bob, the hands on the hips, etc etc etc. It's the only time she seemed like a real person to me, and it was funny as hell.

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