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Thread: Talk Show appearances? Magazine spreads?

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    Deep Dish
    Quote Originally Posted by Delia
    Shannon has a husky voice, but the way she speaks is very clear.
    Yes. In all my note-taking I think there was only one time I didn't get what she said. She's very understandable.

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    I can't really see eloquence as an issue. The problem with Shannon is her voice, and the problem with Adrianne is her speech.

    The Stuff Magazine pictures have Tessa in them. Do the challenges not correspond with the eliminations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boohoo102
    The Stuff Magazine pictures have Tessa in them. Do the challenges not correspond with the eliminations?
    They do? Between this and the photos of Elyse, Kesse, and Robin on the Baby Phat runway, I'd say you're right. The Stuff shoot and fashion show were probably their biggest, highest-profile endeavors so they had to schedule around them in ways that didn't match the ideal timeline for the show. Score a few more points to the show's editors for fooling us.

    I wonder if more photos of "eliminated" girls will surface. I doubt they brought more girls to Paris than they showed us since the room they stayed in was so small, so I'm not going to disappoint myself by hoping for photos of Katie from the nude-shoot. Maybe the snake-shoot is more reasonable.

    I need to stop this before I start imagining what she would have done with the snake.

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    Am I the only one here who isn't bothered by anyone's voice? Not Shannon, not Adrianne.

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    Hahaha kchamber ( :slobber ) Tsk tsk :nono

    So does anyone know anything about the editing of this show?

    I mean, with Tessa at the photo shoot, they must've had to look through the scenes to make sure she wasn't there. And the pictures of Elyse, Kesse, and Robin at the BabyPhat show. Were they from the same show as the one shown in the finale? And was it actually the final challenge? I wonder if this show is significantly different than how we get to see it.
    And I wish Tyra would stop doing those voiceovers. They'll have her talking to the girls and then suddenly switch to game show rules explanation mode.

    P.S. I also wish Miss Tyra would forever give up this hairstyle. She's got like a Mufasa thang going on there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shersidhe
    i'm guessing shannon was a high school cheerleader and her vocal chords have yet to recover.
    I have been reading the posts here for a few weeks.
    VERY entertaining I must say.
    I decided to register today so I could reply to a few comments.

    I am from the same town as Shannon so I am not totally objective.

    Shannon was not a cheerleader. She was a varsity basketball and volleyball player.

    Andrienne is beautiful and she won, so why is it necessary to put Shannon down? She came in 2nd and that is a HUGE accomplishment.

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    I agree...Shannon did a great job, especially when Robin left...I could tell that she was able to be herself and get along with girls who are more her age than Robin and it showed on the runway...Like she said there are a lot of women who would LOVE to be in her position....

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    does anyone know when the Marie Claire issue comes out?

    And, have they announced when the next show starts?

    I figure those two things will happen around the same time...
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    Spegs, I saw an ad for auditions for the next version in my area on July 23 or 24th. I really don't know how long these things take; just a reference point. I was thinking of taking my camera and snapping some hopefuls. What if one of them got on the show?
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    hey guys, just so you know....I'll be on a lot of stuff for a while...look out for me! Want me to clear up why Tessa was in stuff? Why the other girls were on the runway????? Here goes!!!! Tessa was in stuff cuz it came out before the show and they didnt want anyone to know she was getting the boot...during the filming of the the numbers of broads decreased.....they didnt want anyone to know who was gonna win....or who was almost they had the other girls go where we went just in case a pic was snapped of us....they had everything underwraps....and it WORKED!

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