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Thread: Video of the Baby Phat show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Dish
    01. Sean Paul "Get Busy"
    02. Li'l Kim "The Jump Off"
    03. Joe Budden "Pump It Up"
    04. 50 Cent "In Da Club"
    05. Eve "Satisfaction"
    06. Fabolous "Damn"
    07. Prince "Kiss"
    08. Missy Elliott "Gossip Folks"
    09. Freeway "What We Do"
    10. Jay-Z "What They Gonna Do"
    11. Snoop Dogg "Beautiful"

    Deep Dish in da house! I'm so from da streetz.

    *Crosses arms and strikes pose*

    (I think I'm right but you 12 year old kids from suburbia please correct me if anything's wrong.)
    Which song was on the show? I wanna download it

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    Wait, really? I thought that they were in the show, and that they brought back Elyse, Robin, and Kesse so that none of the other models would know who won. AND ALSO if it was the FALL fashion show, it was taped in the winter in mid-feb. I dont get it

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    urban cowgirl
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    THis is the real show, not the practice show they all walked in. I was confused at first too.

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    yeah that link is the real fashion show. And can anyone tell me what song they played on the "fake" fashion show?? It goes "i am better than that." They only play one song. I am not talking about the real fashion show

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    Wow i'll tell u something after watching that video of the real models... adrianne and all the rest of ANTM have a long way to go! those girls move crazzzzzzzy! those hips goddammmmn.

    Hopefully adrianne can bring herself to that level. i believe she can but only time will tell

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    So nobody still doesn't know the song they played in the last episode Fashion Show.Again it goes like"I'm bigger than that" bla bla. I wanna DL that song

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